Sunday, December 21, 2008

Far Away Places

Transport in Morocco (Britannica)

Moorish Moroccan Food (Compass Odyssey)

Simply Senegal (BBC News)

Senegalese Transport (Rockhurst)

Sharing in Senegal (Living Routes)

Our intrepid traveller

Son # 2 is leaving today for 6 weeks pack-backing in Morocco & Senegal. He'll be away for Christmas & his 29th birthday, but every December, as soon as he's finished work for the year, he grabs his pack & camera & looks for somewhere off the beaten track to wander around in. We've just had to accept this is his way & that's it!! However, there are always 2 things uppermost in his mind wherever he goes, the local transport & the greatest love of his life, food. And being a concerned Mum, I always like to do a little research prior to him leaving to reassure myself, that yes, he won't go hungry!


  1. Best wishes for a happy and safe journey for handsome son #2. He will be closer to the site of the first Christmas than any of us! Your pictures are a small preview of his colorful and exciting trip.

  2. Hi Millie,
    What an adventurous and handsome son! He must take after his fabulous Mother! So thats 2 down for the holidays? I think you have a few more to celebrate the holidays with! Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!


  3. I don't think I could let him go!!!
    At least you have some more boys there to keep you on your toes come Christmas day.
    I hope you have a great Christmas Millie. I have really enjoyed your blog and can't wait to 'see' you in the New Year.
    Ness xx

  4. Wow, how brave! I'm lucky if I get myself together to head next door to the Robin Hood around Christmas time, let alone somewhere on the other side of the world! Hope he has a ball.

    So lovely to know such a fabulous fellow adelaide blogger. Millie, i get so excited by your posts and your comments on my blog - thank you so much for your beautiful words.

    I hope you, MOTH and your gorgeous sons have a beautiful christmas together, and that the Christmas lillies bloom at just the right time.

    We really must make a champagne date in the new year.

    love lots xx

  5. Hi Millie.
    You have done a great job with your son.
    He is a man that is confident and independent.
    It has to be so difficult not to beg him to stay!
    My oldest son is 15 and I know that I will be facing some holidays without him very soon.

    Happy Holidays.


  6. Gosh Millie How very very proud you must be, and how much you must miss him, what wonderful adventures.
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas, I love reading your comments on my posts, you are a joy to read, and I look forward to knowing you even better in the New Year, Blessings of the Season.
    Yule time Hugs
    Lynn xx

  7. Oh I share your concerns knowing what it's like when our grown children head off overseas...and what adventures they do have!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts Millie, taking me to faraway places...seeing different things, beautiful images...thank you!!!And thank you for your lovely comment (it did make me a bit teary). Have a very Happy Christmas dear friend...wishing you peace, joy and contentment in the coming year...Dzintra XX


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