Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sag Harbor Cottage

Grey weathered shingles, dormer windows, a picket fence - what a pretty picture from the street.

A shaded area in the rear garden provides the perfect setting for relaxing in the afternoon.

Cool shaded paths meander through the garden.

A table setting under the wisteria-clad pergola & an inviting hammock make this area relaxation central!

A restful water feature in amongst the garden.

Small sash windows, an open fireplace, bead boards, polished floorboards & comfortable chairs in the simple Living Room.

The old iron frame bed & built-in side tables make for a no-fuss bedroom.

Light curtains, sash windows, old nautical prints & an old quilt are just perfect for this bedroom.

A no-frills bathroom but with mandatory tub.

The large kitchen with double doors leading to the outside entertaining area has all that's needed for holiday living.

These beautifully crafted stairs lead up to a further 2 bedrooms tucked up under the dormer roof line.

Images Kathryn Fee

Sag Harbor is often referred to as 'The Jewel of the Hamptons' & I'm totally in love with this sweet little cottage in what looks to be a McMansion-free zone! Just very honest & unpretentious, how good would Friday be knowing that at the end of the day, you could throw a bag in the car & head off for a weekend tucked up in this beautiful little house.


  1. You have a knack for finding real gems.
    I had a good laugh at your comment on white and wander about being blind folded before you get in the bath! You and me both Millie!

  2. Everything in here is such a pleasure to my eyes & my heart.

    My dear Lady Millie...

    THank you so much for dropping by. Jst let u know that the reason I was quite coz some burglars broke in at home while were'nt home. Thanks GOd.
    My hubby was in his business trip in Luxembourg for a week therefore I feel devastated coz am alone w/ my daughter.

    MOTH jst came back home yesterday and now I feel comfy.

    Cheers for the w/end

  3. Literally when can I move in - my idea of heaven!!!


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