Friday, December 12, 2008

More Tinsel Untangling

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Just a little more decorating this weekend & I'll be done. Our Christmas Lilies are not quite ready to pick so I'll have to go & give them a hurry up. I've normally picked armfuls by this time in December, but as previously mentioned, they've had a very rough year, so their growing cycle is a little confused.
This morning I woke to the loveliest sound of rain on the roof. After our driest November on record, gosh do we ever need some precipitation. Our neighbours Phil & Bridget are hosting the annual Christmas Party for our little country lane tomorrow night. It's always a great night, even though there's only a few houses & families we are a pretty rowdy bunch when we get together. And the big bonus is of course, we can stumble home under our own steam, albeit in the pitch black as we don't have street lights or footpaths.

Last year MOTH stopped abruptly half way home & just stood in the middle of the lane holding me tight. He then made a very romantic little speech about the night sky looking like a piece of black velvet that someone had tipped a bag full of diamonds over. Just as I was getting quite emotional, he then dropped me back to earth with a thud by his next statement "Oh & that reminds me love, have we got any Mylanta, I've got the worst case of heartburn!". The happiest of weekends to you all & here's some more little Christmas cuties I couldn't resist posting!


  1. Why Millie - its definitely looking alot like Christmas over here at the Laurel Hedge! - Beautiful Christmas pretties, and anything "Noel" gets me every time - my grandfather's name was Noel as he was born just a few days after Christmas.
    Oh and the bells, i love the bells, oh oh, and the red wreath...

    The MOTH story is just delicious - just the right mix of romance and practicality that one!!

    Oh, and Ruby with the beaters after I made the cupcakes? - notice how she only got one, I of course had to have the other.....

    Happy Christmas wishes to you this weekend xx

  2. Love the pretties. Yesterday it snowed here. In the middle of Texas, that is like hell freezing over. I remember it snowing like23 years ago. I tried to get my husband to say it was beautiful and all he kept saying is "this is crazy" not very romantic I'm afraid. It was truly beautiful and crazy. Do you ever see snow in Stirling? Hope you have a great weekend and a great time at your neighbors party. Heidi

  3. I love your charming post, it always feels so calming, soft and comfortable! I get so relaxed! Have a great week as I know you deserve the time off.


    Oh and gotta love the Moth!

  4. Great pictures! I love all of these. I'm kind of struggling to find some good decorations to buy this year, but I could take every one of these little goodies.
    This rain is fabulous isn't it - I loved hearing it tinkling on my tin roof last night as a I drifted off to sleep.

  5. super pour les idées.

  6. Lovely images. I need some xmas images as I had to take down our front door wreath to paint!! I love your stories about MOTH. They always make me laugh. Enjoy your party. I can sympatise with the walking home in the dark..we are in the country too, but isnt it just beautiful...the stars are much brighter than in the city.
    Ness xx

  7. You have excelled yourself yet again Millie with these gorgeous images. MOTH sounds like a darling. I am interested to know whether he reads your blog to find out how much we are learning about him...:)

  8. How beautiful your Christmas images peaceful.

  9. Great post and got me into the romantic Christmas mood. Me and my fiance are also going to a Christmas party but we're going to announce news is that he's my fiance.

    Ever since he proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from we haven't told anyone yet.

    Those decorations are to die for though especially the apple wreath and those beautiful hearts.

  10. What a lovely post!!! I love bells this year. I have decided to wrap all my presents in brown mailing / shipping papper tied off with raffia and topped with a bell. :)

  11. Loved your pics! All so gorgeous. As usual you made me laugh with another story about MOTH. Sounds like he'd get on real well with my MOTH. Cheers, Fiona


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