Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh no, MOTH's been Christmas Shopping!

I'm so glad my dear sister-in-law Jennie doesn't read my blog, 'cos I've got some bad news for her! Her much loved older brother MOTH panicked this morning about not having bought her Chrissie present yet & reluctantly went shopping. Now as you all know by now, MOTH has a terrible habit of taking short-cuts in just about all aspects of his life & today was no exception. No, he didn't make an effort & head off to the Mall or some swanky gift store in the City, he stepped out of the shower & with just a towel & his credit card between him & the screen, sat down at the computer & shopped online. And much to my horror, the store he chose was the Melbourne Football Club Shop!

Now his side of the family have been staunch Melbourne supporters for 25 generations (or thereabouts) & his sister is a paid-up Member, but what I saw next shocked me to the core. He purchased the piece of nightwear in the above picture for his only sister, stating quite excitedly that "This is the best present I've ever got her!"

So on Christmas morning, my stylish, elegant, sophisticated Size 8 sister-in-law is going to open her pressie & find the tackiest navy & red, over-sized 100% polyester dressing gown in the whole wide world staring up at her! And the icing on the cake will be the Club logo emblazoned all over the back ! It's just as well that she'll be 700kms. away in Melbourne or I have a feeling that MOTH may well find himself with the offending article firmly wrapped around his neck & being pulled increasingly tighter by his beloved sister!


  1. You make me laugh but remember it is the thought that counts! I am impressed that your MOTH is actually buying, albeit online, a present for his sister... himself. xv

  2. Oh dear that is truely hideous, poor woman!

  3. Love this one Millie...and couldn't stop smiling!!! Told my Hubby and he reckons at least MOTH thought of his sister...Dzintra

  4. Millie...are you sure he didnt get you one too...oh dear!! At least he tried i guess. Mel xxx

  5. I blame the people that sell this stuff, I mean really - it shouldn't be legal! That way poor innocent unsuspecting MOTH can't accidently buy something so heinous! Please ensure this post comes with a 'follow up' series, i can't wait to hear about what the sister in law thought..... x

  6. Too funny.
    Men should not shop for gifts without a lot of guidance. No good can come of it!


  7. Oh Millie, that's hilarious. What a mental picture, MOTH swathed in a towel exclaiming about the best present ever. They have no idea do they! Oh I have my fingers crossed for your present from MOTH on Christmas Day... don't forget to share with us, will you!! A-M xx


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