Monday, December 6, 2010

A Beautiful Weekend!

It was only 2 days, but our weekend away was fantastic! All your good wishes for the sun to shine worked, as it was 36C. (100F.) both days - so thank you all so much. It was the anniversary of our first date (18 years) & MOTH insisted we celebrate it at Marion Bay, a lovely little beach village about 200kms. from Adelaide.

He'd organized some fabulous accomodation & we enjoyed dinner both nights at the local Tavern. The chef Adam Sommariva is an absolute legend, he surfs during the day & cooks up a storm at night. His food is brilliant, totally worth falling off the diet wagon from a great height for.

We drove down the road a couple of kilometres into the Innes National Park to enjoy the spectacular beaches. This part of the coastline over on Yorke Penninsula is breathtaking & a really popular destination for surfies from around the country.

And as we started our trek down the stairs to the beach MOTH noticed this kangaroo & her adolescent joey giving us the once over in the sand dunes.

Isn't it spectacular, even my pitiful phone images look good! We had this beach all to ourselves the entire afternoon, & other than a very gusty wind & a few hundred thousand flies it was magic.

MOTH was champing at the bit to get out to sea to hang a line over. He did have a successful afternoon & came back happy & very tired. So back to reality today & a very busy week ahead.



  1. I Love that part of our is Beautiful & Glad you were Spoilt for the Weekend...

  2. Gorgeous pictures from heaven.
    Love your blog.
    Hugs from Brasil.

  3. Millie, your "pitiful" phone images look anything but. What a great weekend and so pleased the weather was kind to you.

    I never tire of looking at pictures of kangaroos as they are such elegant creatures.

    Thank you for posting such glorious pictures, you've made my Monday morning.

    Pamela xx

  4. Oh WOW Mill's....that looks so beautiful and, not a soul to be seen. .... but, just what were you and MOTH doing in the sand dunes that held the kangeroo's attention ?!!! Haha
    Lovely to hear that you both had a wonderful both deserve work so's just a shame that you have to come back to the real world..... Oh, and, points to MOTH for arranging it. Go to the top of the class and get a gold star MOTH XXXX

  5. ooohhh i love seeing this as i put on my down puffy jacket and head out... hope you had loads of fun... you so deserve it sweet friend xx

  6. You could have stopped by for a cuppa on your way down to the "Bottom End" - except I was in Adelaide while you were over here.
    Glad you had a lovely time.

  7. What stunning scenery Millie. He's such a wee romantic that MOTH. I think a weekend away at this time of the year before the slippery slide into silly season would be just perfect.

  8. Oh what a lovely weekend! Whilst you were on the YP I was in the hills with breakfast at the Aldgate Providore Sunday morning! Letitia x

  9. Millie-
    So gorgoeous - looks like heaven on earth!!
    Big hugs to you!!

  10. Wow!! Gorgeous photos. So glad you had a wonderful time.

  11. Lovely place! The pictures are stunning! I'm glad you had a lovely weekend. Enjoy the day, Kellie xx

  12. don't you just love beach holidays?
    this place looks spectacular.
    i am glad you two had a nice weekend.

  13. Congratulations dear millie! This looks divine - so very cold and wet here, wish I could transplant myself over there for a bit.

    and of course


  14. Wow, Millie, this scenery is absolutely stunning! Happy Anniversary. xo

  15. Millie your romantic weekend away looked like a preview of heaven. How incredibly wonderful to celebrate your 'first date'. One just has to love you both. So happy for the sun and the warmth for you young lovers and wishing you a happy (although belated) anniversary.

    Hugs xx Deb

  16. Pinning them all to my Pinterest Australia Board. Some people dream of New York, Paris but I Dream of Australia. Thanks for sharing all you do to feed my obsession. Love, Heidi


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