Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grosgrain & Girls

MOTH emerged briefly from his miserable Christmas funk last night when I reminded him that very soon it will be his favourite night of the year (thanks Jac!). The night when he can combine 2 of his most loved chores - 'innovative' Chrissie wrapping & the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion show. If you missed his How-To tutorial from last year, do take a look here.

He's still waiting for the call to come from Martha - he reckons it will still happen, it's just that she's coming to terms with the fact that he's better than her. He remarked that the ideal time for him to make a guest appearance would be when we're in New York next May. Oh & wouldn't the taping of that show be a sell-out!!

Image 1: Jane Means


  1. looks girls looks scary to me! hope you hear from Martha Moth!


  2. Mr. Home and I are eagerly awaiting MOTH'S tutorial 2010 !!!! It is especially helpful to Mr. Home as, after many drunken Christmas Eve firms 'do's', my present was bought (in a drunken stupor after said firm's 'do'),and was nearly always a set of red and black suspenders !!!!, wrapped, Christmas cracker style and ends secured by robin redbreast/holly sellotape !!!!!!!!!!.....'nuff said., Mr. Home is an avid Victoria's Secret supporter or any other store that sells similar items !!
    We are both so excited as to what MOTH has in store this year. XXXX

  3. That holiday VS show always makes me want to do more miles on the tredmill! LOL!

  4. Gorgeous wrapping. I've met Martha and believe me, he doesn't want to be on her show.

    (Ummm, we ARE talking about the same Martha I trust.)

    You two should have one of your own.

  5. Now, will MOTH guest star on the show before or after you pop in to visit me?!!!!

  6. New York next year!! lucky you... I will have to suffice with your pics and commentary!!! Have a lovely Friday.. ciao xxx Julie

  7. Haahaaa!!!! That was hilarious!
    It worked too! Gift given and appreciated :)
    I can't wait to see what he is inspired to do this time :)

  8. Boobies and pressies!

    And thanks for stopping by La Lamp Shade.


    If the Lamp Shade Fits

  9. Oh Millie, MOTH'S talents and interests run so deep.My husband wouldn't be interested in wrapping (unless he was wrapping a new bicycle) or the Angels (unless they were riding a bicycle). You are a blessed woman!! Remember us all when Martha schedules that show, your lovely readers want first dibs on tickets to watch MOTH in action.

    Sending you both heaps of holiday cheer Ms. Millie. xx xx

  10. Wrap II: The Return of MOTH. Blogtopia trembles.

  11. I just read Moth's instructions from last year to my husband..very funny! I watch the VS show sometimes with Sean so I can hear him say, "but darling, you're so much better looking than them"'s so funny that he earnestly tries to convince me that he really thinks that! He's a nice husband..Rachaelxx


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