Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Last Christmas our beautiful 'girls' down on the Tennis Court flowered early, so I was able to enjoy dozens of white Christmas lillies strewn artfully arranged throughout the house over the Festive season. Sadly, this year the freezing cold, miserable start to our Aussie summer has delayed their blooms & a couple of nights ago when we wandered down to check on them, the buds were still tightly shut. MOTH reckons they are at least 2 weeks away - cue deep, heaving sobs from moi! However, when MOTH stumbled in from work last night, he was carrying the most exquisite branch of stephanotis (Bridal Veil). 'Here Mills I knicked this from a customer's place I was working on today.' Oh always the romantic my MOTH! So I popped the blossoms into small water vials & tucked them into the stocking hanger on our grotty, smoke-stained mantle. I wish we had SmellaBlog, as the scent wafting from them this morning is nothing short of divine!



  1. I am sure I can smell them anyway, and I bet they look stunning.

  2. Oh how sweet...the stephanotis & the MOTH! Ahhhh, I know the scent well.
    Mills it's been a while since I visited and I just couldn't let the holidays slip by without wishing you and your wonderful family a very merry Christmas!
    xo Lisa

  3. Me thinks MOTH is a secret romance novelist... such a way with words that bloke!!:)
    I bet the flowers are lovely!


  4. i love 'lillies.'
    the scent must be stupendous.


  5. That MOTH, he must just keep you guessing and laughing on a daily basis Millie? Your Christmas morning is going to be divine.

    Merry..Merry Christmas to you all dear Millie.

    xo Deb

  6. He's a gem that MOTH.

    Here's to a wildly wonderful Christmas for you sweet Millie and all who bring you joy,

    Felicity x

  7. Well done MOTH. They look divine.

  8. Hi Millie, I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas to you and all your family.
    See you next year.Big hugs

  9. awww he's a keeper Millie ! Have a wonderful Christmas you two (and the rest). Mel xxx

  10. Well Done Moth..he sure knows how to Win your Heart Millie.....
    Merry Xmas & a Happy NY to You &'s been Great blogging with you this Year....
    ho ho ho

  11. Millie, Happy Holidays to you and Moth and the rest of your family.
    Julie in HOlland ;)

  12. MOTH you have done it again!
    The bath is beyond lovely. (The flowers are not a bad touch either.)

    We are in the mist of our last day in your neck of the world. Lovely warm weather, time at the park with the grandkids, cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven, and our last play day with our family here.
    Wonderful Christmas and New Years Greets to you both!!!

  13. Millie how great you have done so much!! It looks terrific!

    Happy New Years!

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