Thursday, December 16, 2010

God Save The Queen

Christmas Party # 2 of 9 is going to be held in this gorgeous room today. Although I work in an extremely competitive industry, each Christmas we forget all that stuff & about 12 of us leave our sharp knives at the door & get together for a long, long, long lunch. This year it's my turn to organize & host. So I've chosen one of my favourite pubs, The Queen's Head in North Adelaide. It has been met with universal approval, so I feel a very Festive session coming on.

MOTH & I have sat by this fire often & once we've secured those Egg chairs, no amount of bribery from other patrons will move us on.

And here she is looking down on us, Our Gracious Majesty - raise your glasses please to the year that was!

The Queen's Head is in a quiet side street in North Adelaide within batting distance from the world famous Adelaide Cricket Ground. It's the oldest pub in Adelaide, having served its first drink in 1838 (& no I wasn't there that day!!). While it's been given a very snazzy internal make-over in recent times, it still retains enormous heritage charm & street appeal. Adelaide still has little bluestone gems like this scattered around the city - & long may they continue to thrive & prosper I say.


  1. Hi Mill's,
    Well, The Queen's Head looks very inviting.....a little slice of the UK in Adelaide.
    I have a mental image of you and MOTH, waiting ouside The Queen's Head for it to open so that you can rush in and baggy those egg chairs !!.....and, once you are there, not moving until closing time !!
    Enjoy every minute of those lunches......they are a great build up to the big Christmas Day.
    .....and good luck in your search for the 'posh frock'. XXXX

  2. Très chic!!! Party hard! Hope your dress is a dream!
    You should give us a glimpse....
    Thanks for stopping by today!

    Happy holidays!

  3. Millie, a formal note will follow when we return home but in the mean time we wish to say how much we enjoyed the meal with you and the Grinch, ops I mean MOTH.

  4. Surely those egg chairs would chase away MOTH's grinchiness?? Nothing grander than at this time of year to sit in a favourite pub with some of your favourite people reminiscing on the year that was. Hope you have a marvellous time Millie...good pick. Meredy xo

  5. How gracious of you Millie to toast Queen Lizzie, especially after the ashes!

  6. looks like fun! But nine parties?!! ohmyohmy!! pace yourself dear Millie, or I fear you might turn into a christmas grinch like ol' MOTH!!!

    happy holidays!

  7. Hello Millie -- thanks for dropping by today. It's true that comments do quicken the heart like Auden said, especially from blog royalty :o) Do you think I could smuggle the children in for peek at the Queens' Head? We'll be in Adelaide in the New Year and there's nothing like a recommendation to guide the weary traveller. Shall I say Millie sent me?

  8. That looks gorgeous - how was your party?


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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