Friday, April 17, 2009

Promises, Promises

Son #5 @ 5 days.

.......@ 5 years

......@ 25 years.

When son # 5 (our baby!) was about 6, he & I were having a good night cuddle. As he hugged me tight he told me "I love you Mummy & when I get married I'll build you a little house behind mine & you can live with me & I'll always look after you." It was one of those moments that Mother's tuck away in their hearts & hold onto forever!! Well, my gorgeous boy, here's a picture of my perfect 'house behind yours'!

As has been well documented here at The Hedge, we are very proud of our Bub & tomorrow he turns 26. The day of his birth proved to be very traumatic, as I had a very unexpected surgical emergency & needed to be resuscitated & transferred to ICU. I didn't get to hold him for a few days, but despite this we bonded perfectly & are very close. His beautiful quiet soul & generous, caring spirit endear him to everyone who meets him, so Happy Birthday lovely boy & enjoy your special day.


  1. Oh so sweet! Of course your not asking for much? Just a small cottage!! Thats the one thing about sons they always want to take care of their mum's, lucky you!


  2. This really touched me, Millie.
    Sons are so special. I know that mine will be 26 before I know it. I'm trying to enjoy every minute.
    Happy Birthday (because you know we mothers share in that day!).

  3. That's so special! I know what you mean... I enjoy having a daughter so much, but I treasure the hugs & "I luv u" txts I get from my nearly 12y old son.
    He says he's going to live with us forever... hmmm.

  4. Happy birthday to your son - and tell him when he builds that house behind his to live in - his mum's crazy bloggy friend is moving in as well, I can just see us on the chairs out the front, bubbles, bubbles, siesta, read mag, cheese and pate, get my drift x

  5. millie - I think I will keep that image to show my girls in a few years, see if they are interested in having a border down the track!
    Well I am back blogging, and your recent blogs have already provided lots of giggles! Thanks Millie!

  6. It's my birthday tomorrow and I had a traumatic birth too! My poor Mum had an emergency C section with no anaesthetic and was put into a state of amnesia and woke up thinking someone stole her baby!! April 18 must be a bad day for deliveries!

    I've linked to your blog on my latest post which is all about fabulous fellow Adelaidian blogs. I hope you don't mind. Just let me know if you want it taken down.

    Keep up the great blogging. Tara x

    Style is Eternal

  7. Happy Birthday to your son... and I think he should build you that house!

  8. Very Happy Birthday - mum & son.
    So sweet and special.
    ..and the house.. perfect!

  9. That is so sweet. What a wonderful memory. You are so lucky to have such a thoughtful son.

  10. Happy birthday to your Son.

    Love the little cottage and what a kind and thoughtful Son you have and must be very proud of.

    Have a great weekend

  11. I think that this little cottage would be perfect - yes he should! Happy birthday to your son & have a fabulous weekend. Amanda x

  12. What a lovely post. Happy birthday to your son - hope you all have a great weekend Millie. Leigh

  13. Millie - I want to say congratulations and happy day to you tomorrow. A beautiful son (one of many) and 26, that is a huge achievement and a very busy road you have travelled to get there. Bravo to you and happy birthday to the boy. xv.

  14. * Oh, how you have been BLESSED! Happy "day of remembrance" to YOU... look what you GOT out of it!!! Yes, you're verrrry lucky indeed!!! (And he's SUCH a cutie, too!)~~~ Warmly, Linda in AZ *

  15. Such a handsome boy, and all through his life he was as cute as could be. My youngest wanted to marry me and take care of me. He hates when I bring that up now.

  16. Awwww...spoken like a proud mama!

  17. It is special. Heartwarming. Moments only a mother understands.

  18. This post is so touching, being I'm the mother of boys :)

    Your son is not only handsome, but has inheirited your gently spirit.

  19. Oh Millie, he's sooooooo Cute!! Happy Birthday to him! I adore the house he's going to build you in his back yard!;)
    Happy Weekend!

  20. Happy Birthday #5 and I will be informing my boys that all good sons are going to build houses like that for their mothers!
    Clare x

  21. what a great story... my parents just left and although i do not have children, i understand the loving bond of family soooo special and amazing... nothing better in the world than love.... have a great weekend... pam

  22. One of my sons made that same promise to me Millie - let me know how it pans out for you! Tracey xx

  23. What a beautiful post about your son, the bonds we build with our children are so special and the memories priceless, and by the way love your house xx

  24. What a divine post about your 'baby' Millie, I wish two things for you both: that he has a very happy birthday celebration tomorrow, & two, that he has the architect ready!! Very precious words, how lucky we are to share such wonderful experiences, memories & moments with our sons
    :-) Claire


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