Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boy's Night Out

In my wildest dreams I would never have invited my parents along to a Cheech and Chong concert (Mum would have thought they were a pair of visiting Asian concert Violinists!), but in a funny kinda way, I guess you know you've been a successful parent when the kids want to shout you to one!! That's what all 5 boys have done, & so MOTH's off on Friday night with Sons 4 & 5 + 15 of their mates, for a night of laughter followed by a serious male bonding session at the local Pub. He was quite surprised when the ticket arrived, but seriously chuffed (oops, no pun intended!) that all the boys could be so generous in wanting his company for the evening.

I've had to quietly take him aside & let him know that there has been a serious police presence complete with sniffer dogs at all the C&C concerts here in Australia, & on average about 25 fans have been busted after each concert. MOTH did reassure me that at his age the only grass they would find in his pockets would be left over from when he emptied the catcher on our lawn-mower last weekend!


  1. lol, Cheech and Chong are hilarious, no doubt all of your boys will have a fabulous night out!

  2. I guess MOTH will be even further chuffed if they ask him for proof of age before they let the sniffer dogs loose!

  3. So wonderful when our kids invite us to jion in the fun!!! This weekend I will be flying to NYC to attend a wedding. I'll be with my son, my sister, my niece and her fiancee. Lots of silly chatter, wine and getting crazy with one another. I'm looking forward to our weekend together!
    MOTH will have a story or two to share.

  4. I hope that your boys have a great night out, what a laugh, what fun!


  5. Cheech and Chong...really? I haven't heard about them for years. That should be a night full of fun and laughter.

  6. Ha ha, this made me smile! Hope everyone has a really fun time!

  7. Now Cheech and Chong - they are a blast from the past...Millie, xv.


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