Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Bold & the Beautiful

This house, a couple of street's away from us in Stirling is for sale. It's called St. Mark's & was built in 1910 as a Hills summer house for a family living down in Adelaide. The young Owners have certainly eschewed the fusty, musty look that still often goes with period houses - thank goodness!

No country kitchen look here - very streamlined & sophisticated, although Miss Millie would need a little more bench space.

Built of local sandstone, the house is simple in design, & I love the turret.

The front entrance hall is stunning & the use of colour here very brave, but gosh they've pulled it off. The intricate plaster work on the ceiling is wonderful & the leadlight panels around the door just glorious.

A more subtle use of colour in the living rooms.

The main bedroom was once the formal sitting room complete with bay window alcove & has fabulous views over the garden. Initially not really a fan of that particular wall colour, it's actually grown on me as I've prepared this post. The turret room is directly overhead.

The bay window offers a sunny spot off the main bedroom to look out into the garden.

A little girl's bedroom - pretty in pink.

Navy, red & white for a boy's room - although I'm pretty sure my guys would have been begging me to flick the chandelier!

Functional guest room with fireplace.

A side entrance hallway again using the dramatic surprise element of red with contrasting white.

The house sits on approx. 4,000 sq. metres & has a swimming pool & outdoor entertaining area tucked around the side.

Lovely garden aspect leading up to the pool area.

The lovely sunny pool area.

What a lovely place for a weekend lunch on a warm sunny day in the Hills! .

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  1. I counted four gorgeous fireplaces! Tuck me in and I'll be happy forever.

  2. Wow, what a fantastic house. Wish I had enough money in my piggy bank to buy it. Lee :)

  3. Yes, very bold and beautiful indeed - I would be very happy to call it home. Amanda x

  4. That's gorgeous Millie, but I don't know if i'd want a house that had everything already done...I like the idea of stamping myself on the home as well, though I do agree, the kitchen is in need of a little more bench space...and how far away is that fridge and sink from the stove....

  5. What a fabulous house ~ very bold and beautiful.
    I also love the garden and outdoor area.
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Thank You Millie! i will do the same. your blog is full of beautiful things.

    God Bless,

  7. Oh 'Adelaide' and 'Vicinity' you have such class. Come visit us up here in the city of 'Houses On Sticks', as my Quantity Surveyor brother calls them. Exquisite home! A-M xx

  8. Hi Millie,
    Tank you very much for your lovely words.I appreciate your friendship.
    For us these are terrible and sad days.I'm agree with you and I say tank you to all the helpers that are working with tirelessness.
    Have a nice day

  9. Hmmmmm, I might even consider coming home for this house! Though to be honest it is a little posh for me. I am a bit more of a cottage girl myself, though the area and the pool would be perfect!! Keep up the inspiration Millie!!

  10. Maybe I should start playing the lotto. Thanks for informing us on the realestate on the market in your neighborhood. Keeping the dream alive. Heidi

  11. Lovely home! I loved the tour! As I've mentioned before your neighborhood is stunning! j.


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