Tuesday, April 28, 2009


A great balance of the traditional with contemporary fittings & finishes

This new Living Room was created from an old Conservatory & uses the same colour scheme as the kitchen to create a unified & relaxing space.

The light fitting over the small dining room table can be raised & lowered.

This custom-built cabinet sits comfortably in a small corridor that links the kitchen to the new Living Room.

A bank of 6-pane windows & a skylight provide additional light to the kitchen.

The owner made the mirror & its matches the silver look of the other furnishings in the Sitting Room.

A relaxing corner of the new Sitting Room with original paintings & art work.

All the custom-built cabinets were given a hand-painted finish.

MOTH's always having a go about my style files complete with magazine pages from many, many years of diligent reading & collecting. He says they take up valuable cupboard space & should be turfed. However, he fails to recall (conveniently!) that our previous home's new kitchen, bathrooms & laundry were all designed from various pages of these precious files & often he was the first one to put his hand up to take a compliment on the finished product! Now in putting together the final finishes for our new bathroom, the old files have yet again come into their own, as I pour over them, pulling lots of different ideas together to formulate our end result.

I'd forgotten I had this one tucked away in the kitchens section & how much I love it. While it would be unsuitable for our present house, I'm still enamoured by it despite it being at least 10 years old. The owner from Wellington in New Zealand, combined her favourite images & clippings from magazines & because of this was confident enough to complete the entire design process herself. Her house is an old 1890's timber frame villa & as part of the renovation process a new Sitting Room was created from an old Conservatory which led off the kitchen. The original kitchen had an old coal-fired range in the fire-place & this was removed & the fire-place tiled to match the colour of the kitchen. A new wood combustion heater was about to be installed in that space, to provide additional warmth to the area.


  1. McLovely!!! Gorgeous images Millie!
    My files are over-flowing with "what-ifs"... aren't those the very things that keep it all so exciting? Your posts are the best!
    Thank you for your kind words and prayers for our Jack.

  2. This looks like such a perfect space Millie! I become more unhappy about my kitchen when I see such a gorgeous post! Tracey xx

  3. A beautiful kitchen Millie - you wouldn't think that it was built over 10 years ago. It still looks lovely, fresh & contemporary. Lee :)

  4. I never get tired of Cream with white trim. I guess that is why my house is mostly painted that inside. You can put any color with it and it always feels clean and airy.

  5. Hi Millie,

    That is a beautiful kitchen and love how fresh it looks.
    I enjoy Trend magazine and I remember seeing a kitchen years ago that I fell in love with and it had hand made Morris and James tiles and will see if I can find it again. I know about the big pile of magazines, that are too lovely to throw out.
    The Morris and James tiles are not very servicable though as they do not have glaze, but looked so good.

    How is your kitchen coming along?


  6. * What a HAPPY PLACE! I just LOVE this! Thanks! Linda in AZ *

  7. So timeless, elegant and fresh.
    Lovely images , Millie.

  8. What a light and bright place. I love this! I could be so at home here...-susan

  9. Beautiful post - I love the airy, classy, timeless feel to cream kitchens...
    Thanks for sharing...I'm about to undertake renovation of our old kitchen and cream will be the base with touches of olive green..:)

  10. I love a room that can stand the test of time. So classic and timeless. Hang on to your style files, they would be treasures!

  11. These images are so calm and dreamy. Love them.

  12. I love the open & airy feel of this kitchen. I also like the windows & sky lights!
    So sun filled & bright!

  13. He he--- the kitchen looks like mine §:-)) but smaller & uglier!

    Love every pix you have.

    Cheers for your happy Wednesday.

  14. i just adore interior shutters as the are used in these images.
    ...just charming spaces.

    have a good week, and try not to over do it getting everything done 'in time'for your deadline.


  15. Love it! I have always liked the idea of a kitchen table in the center of the kitchen, just seems so homey to me.

  16. Drat!! I was packed, and ready to move-in with you, then realized the photographs were not from 'our' house ... now I need to track-down that lady.
    God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

  17. I'm having a love affair with white interiors. Thanks for the great post!


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