Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pink Rules The Day!

OK that's it! I love all my 6 boys dearly, but this past couple of weeks, I've had an absolute overdose of the boy thing. Them, their mates, their hoon-mobile cars, their parties, their empty stubbies, their disgustingly dirty work clothes, their muddy boots, their loud raucous laughter, their beer & footy nights in front of the telly - it's all become a bit much, & that's only MOTH!! The air is positively thick with testosterone and don't even get me started on all the blokes at work! So I need a cloud of pink & pretty in my day - quickly. (With apologies to dear Fifi Flowers the Queen of all things pink!)

So let's start the day the PINK way!

Out of my lovely pink bed......

.....mmmm, let's see what yummy things are in my cute pink refrigerator.

A pink raspberry smoothie will be perfect.

Now I'll just wander into the charming pink breakfast room & enjoy coffee in those pretty pink mugs.

Getting ready for work, I can't resist putting my pink bag down for a minute & gathering my thoughts on this chic pink sofa.

Now off to see some clients in my cute little pink car, won't they be surprised to Miss Millie arrive in this!

On the way back home, I'll pick up some gorgeous pink peonies.

I guess I should do a couple of hours work in my very cute pink office.

Oh, it's time for afternoon tea, what about some sweet pink treats......

....and these pink macaroons are too delicious to leave!

Now I'll take my treats into the elegant pink salon to enjoy in peace. Table for one please.

I'll do my afternoon's reading in the pink living room, such a soothing colour to surround myself with.

Well, that's work done for the day, time for a glass of my favourite Billiecart Salmon Brut Rose - love those pink bubbles!

I'll wander out to the Terrace & enjoy the pink champers watching the pink sun go down. Doesn't the table look wonderful all dressed in pink!

After dinner I might even spoil myself with a slice of frozen raspberry layer cake - so pink & delicious.

And I'll eat it in the formal pink sitting room - no boys allowed here!

Now for a luxuriating soak in my divine pink bathroom.....

....and off to bed with some delicate pink roses to put by my bed. Sweet pink dreams to me!
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  1. how about a picture of a pink birkin.

    two things men don't understand put together.

  2. Millie! Can I come, too? Only three boys here (and Mr. B makes four) but I could sure use a dip in your pink pool. A thoroughly delightful post.

  3. Perfectly said r.d.r. - although Vicki A. over @ French Essence may refute that. Her husband actually bought her a Birkin handbag for her birthday (although I'm sure its not pink!) What a man!!

    Mrs. B - as another member of the All-Boys Club, you'd be very welcome. We need to stick together!

  4. oh Millie,I hear you! Just yesterday we were at Myer and I was asking my 4yo what homewares she liked (you can nevr start them too young,lol), and she choose the most pink, floral, girlie set she could see "Oh mummy, this is beautiful! What about this one?!" I looked at Hubby and he wasjust looking at me with his eyebrows raised as if to say "Don't expect me to eat from that!",lol.
    The fridge and bathroom win it for me, thanks for a smile to start my day :)

  5. Oh Millie~ Let's have a girls night. Pink champagne, sweet pink treats, pink jammies, a pink bubbly bath- wouldn't that be lovely? Hmmmm... I'd like a Birkin- not fussy about the color.
    You are certainly in need of a great 'girls night out"... that could be a fun post.

  6. I think I'd be all pinked out after that! Love the pink living room - I think I'd just stay there all day eating pink macaroons! Have a great pink filled day. Lee :)

  7. Oh, that was fun!! Love the pink frig! And the flowers... lovely.
    A fun & delightful post Millie! joan

  8. Millie , have a wonderful pinky day.

  9. I spent the day holding my adorable grandson who is only three months. He is not sleeping because he doesn't want to miss a bit of life as a boy! So I really enjoyed this pink heaven.

  10. love it! (and could be any more hilarious - gotta love her too!) x

  11. Ooohhh Millie,, that was amazing!!!
    Love the pink kitchen, the pink fridg!!! and the beautiful!
    Hugs from Italy

  12. So pretty Millie. I found my heart rate went down after lolling around your post for a while! I have been packing boxes all day, in between coughs! Yawn... although I am having a major cull..."out, out, damned possessions". Love pink and you did it sooo well! A-M xx

  13. beau post rose !
    bonne journée


  14. I want some pink now! You are right Millie my bag is not pink ( I am not complaining - he is adorable my Mr FF and has the best taste on the planet)! xv

  15. Millie - your pink post is just beautiful - I live in a very pink world with my girls but I can never get enough of beautiful pink things - lucky it is my favorite colour!

  16. Hello Millie!
    Have a lovely pinky day:))
    Your photos a beautiful!!!
    I wish you lovely weekend!

    ^_^ Piitis from Finland

  17. Im hearing ya Millie.Love the pink.
    Ness xx

  18. Dear Lady Millie,
    What a wonderful feelings coming at your place with all love color.

    Ahh...such a gorgeous stuffs. I can't decide w/c? Am falling for all.

    Am coming soon although pain is striking every now & then.

    TY for being there for me. Much appreciated.


  19. what a fab pink girly post. I have a girly pink scarecrow on my allotmant plot called Rosie and everyone loves her. Passers by stop and have a chuckle so she spreads joy. long live PINK AND GIRLY

  20. I love your pink post today Millie.
    Everything is beautiful from the pretty peonies to the pink fridge.
    I think Smeg makes a pink fridge and I thought once I would like one but then again do you think you would tire of it?

    I have made do with a few pink things around the house.


  21. All that pink oughta show those boys a thing or two.
    You left out the American wonderful "Pink Pepto-bismol!"

  22. I've been fighting the urge to paint my studio wall pink for a while. These pics make me want to do it now! :) I also covet that pink fridge - actually that entire kitchen is pretty adorable.

  23. LOL... I love the APOLOGY... lol!!!
    THis is a FAB pink post! Fifi is happy to share PINK with you any day! Thank you for a giggle!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  24. What a great pink post! I so want that refrigerator!

  25. What a fabulous post - so many beautiful photos.

    Bonne weekend

  26. Altogether far too much pink for me. I like my pink in smaller doses. Definitely not on the walls.

  27. It was a pink pleasure to find your blog a house with three males (Ok, one of them is a dog, but still)so the pink post was lovely, lovely.

  28. Pink was my favorite color when I was a little girl, and I still can't get enough of it! I'm not sure what is it about pink that just makes a girl happy, but it still works for me! Beautiful images, Millie.
    Oh, and I hope MOTH gets over his man cold soon.



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Without a quickening of the heart.
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~W.H. Auden

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