Wednesday, April 8, 2009

...and the Kids came Too!

14 years ago today on a cold & rainy Saturday evening, I walked down the stairs at gorgeous Carrick Hill & took MOTH on the slippery slope of marriage with Millie. As you can see by the pics, we took the kids with us as well, & boy did that make for an interesting night!

Sons # 3,4 & 5 fessed up some years later that it was here that they experienced their first puff of a cigarette & slurp of beer (both being generously supplied by their 2 newly acquired older brothers!). We all shared the same table at the Reception & a couple of my girlfriends at an adjoining table, reminded me very loudly as I began to absent-mindedly cut up the youngest child's food, that this would be not be appropriate behaviour at my own wedding reception - thanks Robbie & Jill!

So to dear MOTH, Happy Anniversary Darling! Despite looking all those years ago, we couldn't find an instruction book on how to mix 2 families with the minimum of drama, how to respect the memories of our lives with other partners, how to accept that there will be some things we will never share together. And yes, there's been the occasional short-lived dummy spit & a couple of nights in the dog-house. But each time I look at all the boys together, the 'Brothers from another Mother' as they refer to each other, so tight & loyal, I know we've done fine you & I. There's still lots of laughter & good fun, & yes, another house renovation, so long may it continue!

The boys silently wishing it was all over so they could get out of the silly suits that Millie made them wear!

The 3 younger boys gave me away - a favourite pic with our much loved Priest who had cradled me as a baby in his arms at my Christening.

Here's all the dear little Angels at MOTH's sister's house for the morning-after recovery session following MOTH's big birthday bash in Melbourne last year. Kristy, Ghi, Heather, Leeah & Alicia I salute you all - you are 5 brave girls for taking this lot on!


  1. what a beautiful tribute you have made here.

    bless you and your family.


  2. Now there's a coincidence - Mr Brabourne and I walked down the aisle 15 years ago today! Hope you have a lovely anniversary with many more to come!

  3. Oh Millie and MOTH~ Happy, Happy Anniversary! What gorgeous pictures of your family. I couldn't help but think of you earlier this evening, as I stepped outside during dusk and saw my first Moth of the spring season.
    I came inside, poured just a bit more wine and toasted the two of you. Happy~Happy!

  4. Happy Anniversary! The family looks perfect all together.

  5. What a good-looking bunch! I would feel as though I had a battalion on my side should something ominous strike, with those big boys on my side.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I laughed at the "Brothers from another Mother" bit!
    I'm still with #1 hubby - we've survived quite a few renovations somehow!
    Thanks for visiting my new blog:)

  7. awww, happy anniversary to Millie and MOTH! What a beautiful family and a handsome brood of men :) Thank you for sharing.

  8. Happy Anniversary Millie and Moth.
    What a lovely family ~ such a wonderful photo of you coming down the stairs to your Boys and Priest.


  9. Happy Anniversary Millie and MOTH!!! It looks and sounds like you both did a fantastic job. That is quite a few males you had to live with Millie. No doubt you did it and with a great sense of humor I bet. Love ya, Heidi

  10. Oh Millie, what a gorgeous family you have. Look at those little darlings, all scrubbed up. It's wonderful, the love that they share. Happy Anniversary to you and beloved MOTH. May you have many many happy decades together. A-M xx

  11. Congratulations to you both, I hope you are going to have a lovely romantic dinner tonight to celebrate?? One that you don't have to cook yourself Millie! Your boys look so serious in the photo and they have certainly grown up into 5 handsome men - but what is the little gnome doing in the photo, in front of

  12. Wow Millie,

    What a wonderful family you have and Happy Anniversary to you both.

    Have a great celebration together.

    xx Coty

  13. Happy Anniversary Hedgies!!! - gorgeous post Millie, you always put it so beautifully - and the pics? I love them. You are someone to aspire to xx

  14. Oooohhh, happy happy Anniversary to you Millie and Moth!!!
    What amazing photos of your family!!!
    Hugs Mate

  15. Millie & MOTH my congratulations !Hope you have a lovely anniversary with many more to come!

  16. Congratulations on those 14 years Millie and MOTH. Maybe you should write the instruction book as you certainly seem to have done an amazing job with sons #1-5. Wishing you even more laughter for the next 14 years.
    Clare x

  17. lovely Millie...Happy Happy Anniversary Dear Millie...and may you be blessed with many more to come...Dzintra ♥x

  18. Awwww, Mill!

    That was an awesome heartfelt post! It gave me tears. What a testament to a life so wonderful for all of you.(and all those BOYS!!!)
    congrats, girlfriend..great job, on the most excellent kind of love!

  19. Happy Anniversary to you Millie, to Moth and to those fabulous boys of yours. xv

  20. Happy, Happy Anniversary..!
    What a great family you have - I've always dreamt of having an XXXL family; unfortunately nature saw otherwise...beautiful tribute you make here :)

  21. Wow... brave AND smart! LOL! They are all adorable!

  22. What a gorgeous story and what a handsome group of men you have dear Millie! You are one lucky girl! Congratulations to you and Moth! My heart is happy for you!


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