Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Wistful Summer Breeze

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We were given the most perfect Easter weekend here in the Hills, 4 days of absolutely glorious, perfect Summer-like weather in Autumn. We had Easter Sunday brunch out in the garden with the family & it couldn't have been better. So with dear old Jimmy & Dash strumming 'Blowing through the Jasmine in my Mind', I want to give my favourite time of the year a sweet goodbye, it's been wonderful, see you again soon. Now go & weave your magic amongst our Northern Hemisphere friends.

Isn't this Scandinavian Summer House just delightful - simple & sooo inviting.


  1. Such beautiful words Millie, to go with the beautiful images!
    Glad you had a great Easter. The weather was indeed perfect and it is made even more special knowing that soon it will go.

  2. Well said Millie,

    Glad to hear you had a lovely Easter weekend and yes it does mark the end of the warm seasons and boy, here comes winter. I do love winter, I love wearing coats, scarves, gloves and boots and of course my vintage fur hat.

    Thanks for your advice last week, I am still a little confused.

    xxx Coty

  3. Ah yes .... goodbye summer. Summer Breeze is one of my all time favourite songs - it's just so evocative. You can almost smell the jasmine and every time I hear it I'm back in a beautiful place a long time ago ....

  4. Thank you for such beautiful pictures. Glad you had such a lovely Easter. The weather up here was interesting - fog and misty rain all weekend and still today. I do look forward to winter though - because of the promise of Spring on the other side.

  5. You have such a way with words, Millie! It's so nice you had perfect weather and a nice weekend - It's so strange to wrap my mind around you are in Autumn right now and heading towards winter...
    I love the summer home - I'd love to be there right now - so dreamy!
    xo Isa

  6. Glad you enjoyed your Easter break! It threatened to rain each day we were in the Hunter Valley but the weather held out for us too and we had an amazing time. Tracey xx

  7. Those last days of sublime weather are quite precious aren't they? So happy that you had a nice, warm holiday Millie.

  8. What a beautiful and peacful place. The best part of my Easter was lying in my soft bed listening to a pouring rain on our tin roof. The rain stopped and the sun came out just in time for us to walk off our Easter Feast. Thanks Millie. Love ya, Heidi

  9. gorgeous images Millie - oh to have a summer and a winter house, just think double the decorating fun!

  10. Glad that you had a lovely Easter Millie.
    Yes, always a little sad to say goodbye to Summer but Winter is a neat time to snuggle up and wait for the warmer days again.

    Such beautiful pictures and words ~ love the pink rose and white seat in the first image.

    Have a great week

  11. Millie, it sounds as though you and your family had a lovely, relaxing Easter. The weather was divine wasn't it! I went walking in the sunshine every day and it definitely put a spring in my step. Also, love the beautiful scandinavian home you've posted. Lee :)

  12. a seriously cute place Millie, image one is especially swoony :)

  13. Nice to hear your enjoying with your family & of course the weather that makes things more easier.

    HAve a wonderful week ahead!

  14. Yes goodbye Summer. I am embracing the cooler weather though.
    That Summer house is just lovely and I love the beds. Beautiful find,
    Ness xx

  15. What a wonerful way to put it Millie...now go and weave your magic amongst our Northern Hemisphere friends...sigh..it's my favourite season too!!! Have a lovely week...Dzintra ♥x

  16. Thank you for the lovely thoughts - shall go into the garden , inhale the jasmine and think of you. xv

  17. this is a dreamy post.

    thank you for the images !

  18. I love contrast of the dark exterior (with the fabulous potting shed!) and the light breezy interiors. Perfect vacation spot!

  19. What tranquility shines through your photos.

  20. Oh my goodness your photo's are beautiful and make me want to give my home a makeover. I must come back and look some more when I have the time. I have had a busy day putting up a shed at my allotment plot.
    best wishes

  21. Millie so good to hear from you! thanks for your nice comments! I think you should throw another wedding for you and MOTH! :) PS love the twin beds on this post!


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