Monday, April 27, 2009

Magical Mystery Tour

MOTH & I are not generally great telly watchers, but we've been enchanted with Michael Wood's incredible History of India series. Last night we sat in front of our first fire of the season, with a yummy curry on our laps & a delicious bottle of Trollinger/Lemberger blend dry Rose from the gorgeous Larry & Marc at Hahndorf Hill. No kids, no phone, no interruptions - what a treat it was! If you haven't caught it thus far, sadly it's the final show next week & you've missed what I think is the best piece of telly I've seen for years.

P.S. MOTH had a MM Tour of his own at the Cheech & Chong concert on Friday night. He reckons just watching the audience was as entertaining as C&C's routine. Apparently they opened the show by asking the audience 'Hey, hands up if you've ever been busted' & there was an almighty cheer & a 99% response rate (MOTH & the kids definitely excluded)! He said there was a guy sitting in front of them complete with dreadies, tatts & an Iron Maiden T-Shirt circa 1974. As they were leaving MOTH accidentally bumped into him & MOTH said for a split second he thought he might be in for it, but as he quickly apologized he got a 'Hey Man, no worries, stay cool' & the gentleman quietly 'floated away' as MOTH so succintly put it!!

Images 1,2,5,6,7 & 8: BBC Image 3: Belfast Telegraph Image 4: PBS Image 9: Moviemail


  1. How lovely for you both to have that precious quiet time to enjoy the finer things in life. I just finished reading your post about boy-overkill, so I'm especially glad that you've had some R&R!

  2. Hi Millie

    As a regular traveller to India I have to agree with you - this has been a wonderful series and really seems to have captured the essence of India today and in the past. Just sorry it is ending next week as there is so much more to see!


  3. Hello Millie, yes winter has even hit Queensland. A news report said to get our doonas out and I have.

    I have enjoyed the whole India series. The one before as well and the Feast India.

    The music has been wonderful too.

    How lovely to have a quiet evening in and fire too.

  4. Thanks for the magic this Monday. Now I must tune into this series. I hope to catch all that beauty.
    My dear friend is there now, and told me it is 105.

  5. it sounds as though you live in an absolutely beautiful place.

    loved these images too !

  6. Hi Millie,

    India looks like a wonderful place and I would like to go and visit one day.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.
    A while back we enjoyed seeing Paul Merton, travel around India.

    Our weather has been strange - we had the heater going on Sunday night and then last night, in bed it was muggy and humid and we needed the window open!


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