Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Did What??!!

I've had the feeling for a few days that MOTH's been working up the courage to tell me something & last night my suspicions were proved correct. He broke the news that he'd 'donated' $200 to his beloved Melbourne Football Club (aka the mighty Demons that amazing team who's not won an AFL Grand Final since 1964!). He then legitimised this 'small contribution' under the guise of a ticket in the latest Club raffle, which according to him we are a dead cert to win.
Interestingly over the past few years, MOTH's ranted & raved about the D's lack of on-field success & even chucked in his Club membership a couple of years ago in disgust.
But it appears he let his guard down for a second & succumbed to the hype & now he's got a lot of explaining to do to his 'Little Pirhana Fish'! First prize is $40,000 in cash & to assist him in justifying the expenditure & easing his guilt when, as he assures me his winning ticket comes in, this is what he'll be spending his winnings on. And as they say in Lottery lingo - 'No further correspondence will be entered into.'
  • x2 Business class return tickets to Paris.

  • 2 weeks in this gorgeous Lesdiguieres apartment in the 4th Arrondissement in the Marais district on the Right Bank, just a moment's walk from the beautiful Place de Voges.

Images courtesy of Haven in Paris


  1. too funny I just had to laugh, don't you just love men?!

    lovely blog I really enjoyed my visit


  2. You have picked the perfect prize - very well deserved, and my fingers are crossed. But I just have to say... MEN!!!

    Oh, wait. I am one of those! :-)

  3. That is my favorite part of Paris. That apartment is just gorgeous. I'm planning a trip next month and have been drooling over all of the beautiful places for rent.

  4. Go the mighty Demons! I do, do, do hope that MOTH has the winning ticket so he can come good on his promise of the trip to Paris. Lee :)

  5. Millie, how dull life would be without these strange creatures we share our lives with! Good luck - hope MOTH is right and he has the winning ticket.

  6. I hope that you win, the apartment that you picked is my favourite one on the haveninparis website.

    Bonne chance

  7. Well Millie, for your sakes I hope he wins. I have been given the guilt trip from Jason about spending too much for the last few months and then what shows up at our door via Fedex? A giant spot light. Why? He said it is for his car if ever he gets a flat. I guess a plain ole flash light/torch is not powerful enough. Men. Love ya, Heidi

  8. Hi Millie,

    I have my fingers crossed for you ~ that trip to Paris will be so what you need and that apartment
    is fabulous.
    You will be able to catch up with Fifi and Miss Kris.


  9. Millie,
    That is quite possibly one of the prettiest places i have seen in a looooong time. You have marvelous taste my dear. Wishing you luck!
    ...your son is darling too...don't you just love having boys!
    Love peeking over the hedge. Have a great weekend.

  10. ah, guilt is a wonderful thing.
    that and the devilish side of men.
    go demons. (straight to paris)


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