Thursday, April 2, 2009

Warning to MOTH!

MOTH's been driving me crazy this week, he's been extremely restless in bed, tossing & turning, wriggling, jumpy, up to the kitchen, up to the bathroom, up to the office computer @ 3a.m. to check the overseas Markets & Melbourne Footy Club's Team for Saturday's game. This morning I feel as though I've got a new baby again & I'm very sleep-deprived & grumpy. So MOTH's on a first warning - get your act together buddy or into twin beds we go & I don't care a hoot about your complaints about your big feet sticking out the end!


  1. That's the way to do it. Good for you.

  2. Look out Moth!! Yes, no sleep and grumpy- me too! Hope a good night's sleep is in your future!!

  3. Well if the twin beds look as gorgeous as this it might not be so bad! Lee :)

  4. Hi Millie,

    I feel the same as you, a bit sleep deprived at the moment. I was travelling well for a couple of months this year with all my work and blog life well placed. Then suddenly everything has become sooooooo hectic, with meetings, designs needed yesterday and I'm not getting much sleep either. Too much in my little head.

    Millie, I hope you and I get some rest soon. Forget the twin beds, I need my own bedroom.

    xxx Coty

  5. Sounds like you need your own little boudoir Millie!

  6. Oh your so funny Millie :)
    If you get twin beds, at least then you would be able to have sleepovers....

  7. hahhaha well said ! Julie... from Holland

  8. Seems like I just gave the same warning to Barkley recently. Today I need to be nice though as it is our 20th wedding anniversary.
    Hope things improve soon with y'all. Do love the beds!!!!

  9. You are too funny Millie. They make those twins in extra long you know......

  10. If your single beds looked this gorgeous I would forget about 'three strikes and you're out', i'd be moving straight to the single bed, he he! - I think the weather is super strange at the moment, quite humid for Adelaide last night, woke up sweating and up early to do some work at home before going to work and my housemate is asleep on loungeroom floor with the split system on! - global warming I tell you. xx

  11. Hi Millie,

    Oh no... I do hope that when the rennovations are over, life will quieten down for you.

    Hoping for a better nights sleep for you.



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