Saturday, July 12, 2008


A large framed mirror adds depth to this tiny garden space.

The Owner tends his garden.

Star Jasmine trained over a wire lattice grid in an espalier form transforms a bare wall.

Baskets of white impatiens are placed to cover a tin fence.

The renovated alleyway provides a relaxed backdrop to the salon.

This gorgeous courtyard garden has been developed in a derelict rear alleyway alongside a hairdressers salon. The owners were renovating the shop & when they knocked down a small doorway, they realized the potential for a tiny garden area. They installed large French doors which now open right out from the salon into the courtyard.

Concrete stepping stones & gravel form the floor & a small fountain nestles against a wall. A row of bucus in pots sets a formal, structured tone to the garden. A massive mirror framed in an old skirting board adds depth in the garden and a fish pond in a wine barrel is an interesting feature.

As the courtyard receives no sun in Winter & only a couple of hours in Summer, shade loving plants like impatiens, primulas, begonias, azaleas & rhodedendrons have thrived. It really is a wonderful little oasis - an inspired outcome for a neglected gap between two buildings!


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