Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Room Service Part 2

Image La Maison

Image Baudin de Mauny

Image Hospes Madrid

Image Soho House

Image Brown's Hotel

Image New Majestic Hotel

Image Castle on the Cliff

Image Holm House

Image New Majestic Hotel

Image Beaumont House

Image Farol Design Hotel

Image Hotel Endsleigh

Image Hipping Hall

Image Hotel du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens

Image New Majestic Hotel

Image Las Casa del Rey de Baeza

Image Front

Image Mesmear

Image La Masion

As promised 2 weeks ago, here is the continuation of my peek into some fantastic hotel rooms! I've thrown in a couple I'm sure will create some lively discussion. Each of the very funky rooms at the New Majestic Hotel in Singapore are different, and they specialize in beds that appear to be suspended from the ceiling. I think I'd spend the whole night awake, afraid that if I tossed & turned too much I end up on the floor with an almighty unglamorous thud!


  1. Wow, where do you find these images.. they are just wonderful. Love the Holm House and Castle on the Cliff. So beautiful to see such a lovely mix.... it's only mid week and I am ready to crawl into any one of those beds! Having to blog at night as the mornings are just too hectic and it is so hard to get out of bed when it's dark! A-M xx

  2. Ooh, you have a black and white stripey one - stunning! And I whole-heartedly agree that you made a massive mistake selling your buoy to someone on Duthy - he would have flogged it for hundreds! Happy that you love Thom too, I would happily be his cousin with you xx

  3. Those are unlike any I've stayed in before...so lovely!

  4. Awww...those are such wonderful rooms. Would love to be able to sleep on each of those rooms. Those are really lovely room images, not too fancy but still so much appealing to the eyes. Hmmm...I think its time for me to rest and relax.
    Great post.

  5. I pulled up a chair when i saw you had blogged the second installment of stunning hotel rooms... I agree that the hanging beds would not inspire deep slumber. I'm with a-m in loving Holm House and Castle on the Cliff. Wouldn't it be spectacular to stay in the latter during a storm!

  6. Just beautiful!! I am loving this post....Amanda


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