Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Room Service Part 1

Image L'Hotel Particulier

Image Hospes Palacio de los Patos

Image Blakes

Image L'Avenida

Image Tigerlily

Image The Balmoral Hotel

Image The Haymarket

Image High Road House

Image The Orangerie

Image Maison 140

Image Anna Hotel

Image L'Hotel Particulier

Image Murano Urban Hotel

Image The Gore

Image The Bull Hotel

Image L'Hotel Particulier

Image Drakes

I still experience a glimmer of excitement the moment the door to a new hotel room is flung open on my travels. The voyeur in me is still alive & well & that's where this post comes from.

I have so enjoyed peaking into the bedrooms of these hotels & as you can see, the design styles are so varied - I've included some rooms from the ultra conservative to the eclectic & funky. I included The Drake as the final pic even though I thought it loooked very conservative at first glance.
A longer look changed my thoughts, as they have incorporated the original Art Deco architectural features into the modern styling perfectly. Also the view across the San Francisco skyline is fantastic. There were just too many for one post so stay tuned for Part 2.
I couldn't resist including The Orangerie's Master Suite, as this stylish & elegant apartment is in a wonderful house 2 streets away from me here in Stirling. The owners Clare & David have 2 luxury self-contained apartments in their home & Clare has such an eye for design.
Please leave me your comments & I would be delighted to hear which is your favourite! Or not!


  1. Lovely post... great photos... you need a rest?
    The chaise lounge is already for you... pillows fluffed and all... only there is no pool... ponds to look at... pool nearby at club.

  2. I love beautiful hotel rooms! You wouldn't get any arguments from me about a night (or a week) in any of the gorgeous rooms you have featured. I especially love the vintage style of The Orangerie and the all white Blakes. if I am to be incredibly picky, the Tigerlily room would be less likely to induce a deep slumber - I like the head of my bed to be against a wall. But, that is being very pedantic and I am sure that slipping into those lovely fresh sheets would change my mind!

  3. Oh Millie I just want to go away and relax in any of those rooms! Order champagne and chocolates!
    Great Post!

  4. Oh Millie, your posts are just magnificent! I wish I had more time to create the eye candy that you share with us every day. I love the 'Blakes' room.... white fix... it is so serene. Keep 'em comin' ...A-M xx

  5. Hmm tough choice... The Gore, I think - looks more like a bedroom than a hotel room!


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