Monday, July 7, 2008

Small space, big style!

This tiny kitchenette is tucked away in the amazing Residenza Napoleone 111 on the Via Condotti in Rome. Small, yet so stylishly elegant, I think the only things I would be preparing in this luxurious kitchen space would be removing the cork from a bottle of Krug! The Man-of-the-House would face instant dismissal if he even vaguely thought of asking for a beer!

This one-bedroom apartment can be yours during your stay in Rome for approx. AUD$1,600.00 a night.


  1. Oh look at all that gleaming stainless steel and marble. Just gorgeous! I am consulting the Laurel Hedge next time I travel OS... you find the greatest travel goss! A-M xx

  2. That is the most perfect kitchen ever! I love the paintings hanging low... and the ruffled curtain xx

  3. A-M & Emma - I knew you both would love this photo as much as I do! Lots more travel adventures are coming!

  4. What an elegant little kitchen. It needs some chocolate on the counter though...

  5. I love that kitchenette... it is so charmy!
    I would like this in a corner of my bedroom or studio... and I would never have to go downstairs again!

  6. Tanya, I absolutely agree with you about the urgent addition of chocolate!

    Fifi - yes, wouldn't this be a wonderful addition to your upstairs room. Let me consult my Magic Wand for you!


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