Thursday, July 31, 2008

Porcho Paradiso

My all-time favourite movie is Cinema Paradiso & this porch is paradise too.(With only one small exception being the tie cushions on the dining chairs!)
3 separate entertaining areas (that we can see!) ......and shutters and hydrangeas and bead boards and french doors complete with fanlight windows and a post & rail verandah ! Yes, I know its OTT, but I love it all the same!


  1. Absolutely stunning porch Millie! Such a beautiful place to entertain guests and I love all the separate spaces they have created - lovely post.

  2. Makes me weep Millie - my whole unit (or as I like to call it "my apartment" he he) could just fit on this porch.....

  3. usual. What a lovely place for a meal. xx

  4. I have a minor obsession with hydrangeas...and Winston loves to eat them! Beautiful porch!

  5. I would love to sit out there with some girlfriends having some iced tea and laughing all day. The french doors with the arched windows are beautiful. I love it.

  6. I love this porch and I love your learning to ride a bike story... thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh it's so beautiful. Into the inspiration file it goes! A-M xx

  8. Millie, I also Love that movie!!!and amny others, love the porch and like a-m it is going into my isnpiration file.
    Maybe one day I will get to build or decorate how I'd like.
    thanks againf or the beautiful blog.


  9. Millie I'd like to give you a Blog award where may I email the image to?

    Jane - again

  10. Wow, this is awesome.
    Well done!
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