Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Villa Vavoom!

The traditional exterior.
The light-filled hall provides space for several interesting pieces.

The owners much loved wooden horses welcome visitors
through the front door.

An antique mirror sets the scene for the elegant sitting room with its dark feature wall

behind the fireplace and dark tongue-and-groove side panels.

A day bed in a sunny spot in the smaller sitting room provides
the perfect place to relax.

The view from the hallway into the small sitting room.

The stylish Master bedroom uses white as a background to dark wood furniture
and floorboards.

An exotic feathered hat becomes a bright hallway decoration.

A young girl's charming bedroom.

A colourful artwork from Antigua cheers a calm kitchen corner.

The modern kitchen includes an original alcove that used to house
an old wood-burning stove.

The study/library provides a relaxing space for the family.

A separate cottage provides the owners with office space.
N.Z. House & Garden recently featured this gracious 1870's villa in Devonport, a suburb of Auckland. It has a lovely, relaxed feel, the rooms are wide & spacious & the renovations have resulted in a beautiful home, so elegant and full of natural light.


  1. I have never seen a NZ house and garden - looks great! Will have to find room for that in my ever growing magazine budget ... don't tell my Mum!!!

  2. http://richiesliv.blogg.seJuly 10, 2008 at 6:50 PM

    What a wonderful house to have. It seems not to big but spacious. I guess i feel the same. My house is a lil one but have space for my stuffs though.

    What i use to say is: Smart planning!

    Love your blog coz I get lots of inspiration designs that I applied at my home.

    Your second to last post, is really nice, that we have to copy not exactly as we don't have as big garden as in the pix.

    TY for inspiring your readers.


  3. Thanks Emma - I discovered NZ House & Garden about 12 yrs. ago. A much better publication than our local version. Had to subscribe for a long time, but Fairfax bought it recently, so its at most Newagencies now. It can be a bit hit & miss, so have a flip thru' first before buying. I'll keep stoush with Elise!

    Hi dear Chie - how lovely to have you back. Hope you are feeling better now, we've all missed you! I'll stop by your blog later tonight.

  4. What I love about those rooms are the beautiful hardwood floors and crisp white colors. So clean and yet so inviting as well. Love it.

  5. Oh gorgeous house! You find wonderful things that make my heart sing!


  6. Millie - this house must be mine!! Actually the front of the exterior of the house looks exactly like my friend's parents place in College Park - we have pre dinner drinks on the front lawn - beautiful!
    And that gorgeous feathered headdress - I blogged about them a couple of weeks ago - I must have one! x

  7. Oh it's just beautiful... absolutely everything I love.... peaceful, serene and that separate little cottage is divine! A-M xx

  8. Yes Tanya, I really fell in love with those dark hardwood floors too!

    Thanks Michelle - it's nice to post lovely pics that I know others will enjoy too.

    Miss K - the house is yours! Yes, College Park has some fabulous homes. I just loved the use of the feathered hat too, very bold move but beautifully executed. Lovely to have you visit!!

    I had not a doubt that you would enjoy this house A-M & like you I'm totally enamoured with the garden cottage.

  9. Oooo.. Nice. I think that I want a guest house just like this one. Can I post it one day on my new blog? It is so inviting and has such an Australian country charm. I looove it! Thanks, Heidi

  10. Heidi - you're welcome to use this post. Thanks for stopping by.
    Millie ^_^


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