Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Anything's possible!

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I'm a sucker for before & after shots of other people's renovations. At the moment I'm desperately in need of reassurance that yes, someday in the not too distant future, we will have the after photos too. All we have now are just a heap of before & during pics, & with only 2 rooms completely finished, just a couple of lonely sets of afters!

This amazing restoration of an 1870's Freedman's Cottage was done by a very talented 27 year old from Charleston S.C. When purchased it had no electricity, running water or working plumbing. There was a gaping hole in the roof and termites were eating the porch away. At a tiny 850 sq. ft & with just one bedroom, the Owner combined the two front rooms into one large open, living space, added a bathroom onto the back of the house, made a sleeping loft for guests in a gabled alcove above the bedroom & installed heating & air-conditioning. He needed to pull up 15 layers of linoleum that had been nailed to the floor before he could set about sanding & polishing the floorboards.

So, after reading this, I'm a little ashamed about feeeling sorry for myself - this young guy's efforts are just awesome! As I write this, the wonderful Man-of-the-House is putting the first coat of paint onto our almost completed upstairs hallway. Even after a full days work, he's pulled on the painting clothes & is hard at it, what a gem he is.


  1. What a stunning transformation. I'm sure your 'afters' will be equally spectacular. Looking forward to seeing them.

  2. Get out! It doesn't even look like the same house- Looks great!!!

  3. WOW! The 15 layers of linoleum sounded like our floor reno. We only had 5, and 2 layers of carpet, but it was worth it when we got down to our 12cm wide, 1 inch thick original Tas Oak boards. Can't wait to see your photos Millie. xx

  4. Hi Millie this looks like such a great house I'm glad he didnt change the front too much its so pretty! and what are you feeding your husband mine seems to have decreed there shall be no painting ever again! Drives me crazy!
    Thanks so much for helping with my wandering post its back in place and getting some attention now-though I wish I hadn't rushed the one after it...never mind thats life! I'm adding you to my blogroll by the way.....thanks Phillippa

  5. Great before and after photos - what an amazing difference! Can't wait to see your before and afters. Tracey

  6. Wow!! This gives me hope and mine is not as bad to begin with. Cannot wait to see your photo's! Amanda

  7. Oh I love before and afters! What a beautiful transformation. It isn't completely changed and still holds the charm of the old home. Love it!


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