Friday, July 11, 2008

Start your Wellingtons please!

Image Maison Reve

Image Robin Stubbert

The laurel hedge has been desperately in need of a trim for weeks now & The-Man-of-the-House reckons he's had chainsaw issues! However, crunch time has come & this weekend is it - so we'll need to pull on the Wellies, rug up & get to it (for at least 7 hrs!!)


  1. Good luck with your trimming! I must own up to not owning any Wellies. I would love the pretty pink ones though, they would make a humdrum job in the garden far more appealing.

  2. 7 hours. Ugrh. I divide my trimming over two weekends, since I have to trim it myself and use old fashioned hedge shears (I'm sure I would lose an arm to the chainsaw). But as I trim during summer - no wellies are needed. But I really like the black ones...

  3. I'm assuming wellies=rubber boots? lol...I love the different terms you use there compared to here! It's so fun.

    I love the pink "wellies". :)

  4. Again - teasing me with thoughts of winter Millie! Oh, I miss that Hills cold - keep warm and have fun in your wellies xx

  5. LOL Have fun doing the yard! Make sure the Man-of-the-house helps out too. Daisy~

  6. great photos!
    love the garden... don't like the work!


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