Monday, July 21, 2008

Terrace Terroir

The large barcode print left of the fireplace adds a lovely quirky feel to the elgant Sitting Room.

A beautiful unadorned bay window offers a sunny & peaceful place to sit.

Enlarged high double doorways give a light, spacious feel to the home.

The Owners have successfully incorporated favourite pieces from their previous homes into their new space.

The stunning Dining Room features tongue-and-groove panelling on the ceiling that had been hidden by plaster board.

The original high-stud ceilings were also revealed once the old plaster-board was removed.

The Master Bedroom opens up onto a small terrace area overlooking the rear garden.

Beautifully restored fireplaces feature throughout the house.

A large bathroom was divided to create 2 smaller elegant bathrooms.

The small, but beautiful kitchen follows the same elegant lines of the other rooms in the home.

A wonderful renovation/restoration of a run-down property in Parnell, an inner-city suburb of Auckland. One of a row of heritage-listed Terrace houses circa 1899, this property had been converted into 3 flats & the Owners where greeted with a 'rabbit-warren' of rooms & dividing gib walls when they moved in. Heavy sateen curtains of apricot & salmon pink along with mustard yellow walls & varnished cedar finished the awful picture.

The completed work has resulted in a home over-flowing with natural light & elegant style. As the home overlooks Auckland harbour, the decision was made to forgo curtains in the living & dining rooms, to maximise the sweeping water views.

A truly stunning home of great simplicity & style has been created thanks to the dedication & hard work of the visionary Owners who did most of the work themselves, without the help of an architect or interior designer. This is definitely one of my favourite posts & I'm sure many of my blog friends will feel the same!


  1. I agree Millie, this is a beautiful home - you really can't go wrong with white. Tracey

  2. It looks very clean- has a calming effect. Winston would love it! ;)

  3. Hi Millie, Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog.
    I love looking at and reading your site... I have to go to Australia it is so lovely.
    If you run into any artists I could feature on my blog please let me know -- it could be anything relating to good design.
    Thanks for viewing my blog and the comments - it means alot to me.

  4. I agree Millie..I love this home. I think I will have to subscribe to this magazine!


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