Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cute as a Button!

The external colour scheme used on this lovely lakeside cottage had me hooked right up! There is something so relaxing & calming about the grey timbers contrasting against the crisp white trim.

The rear view is almost prettier than the front. The bay window to the left really adds another dimension to the facade.

Just love the beautiful open fireplace in the living space & the transom windows in the dining area.

The family room just begs you to bring a book & sit by the fire.

Love the contrast of the darker timber against the white.

The use of white timber continues on in bathroom & again lends a feeling of light spaciousness to the room.


  1. Look UP to the sky and look at the exterior colour, it's a perfect match! This gives the calm feelings.

    Dark beams w/ light background is also a perfect combination.

    What can we ask for more? This house is to die for.

    Have an enjoyable day & week ahead, if I won't see you.

  2. Hello Millie, you knew I would jump on this one with the high ceilings and the exposed wood beams. Thank you, Heidi

  3. This is the most adorable home ever! The perfect place to relax with such amazingly calm colouring throughout! Tracey x

  4. I really love that home. It's just right, inside and out. It's not over-done, but it's still beautiful and yet cozy.

  5. Oh...I am so saving this! It is my idea of Heaven. Do you know what colour the outside of the house is? I have been trying to explain that colour to my Hubby for ages (it's the colour I want to paint our place). Great post Millie.
    Ness xx


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