Monday, October 13, 2008

Dear Mr. Doyle....

Images James Doyle Design Associates

....please come & do my garden!! Don't worry that it's in the driest State in the driest Continent in the world. And that our Government is urging us all to plant those awful natives in our gardens. And that we are on Stage 4 water restrictions & can only water once a week for 2 hours. Oh, and don't let the fact that my husband has a residential Landscape Design Company & that Son # 5 owns the Commercial division of that business make you hesitate in any way. You know what they say about the Baker's wife (& mother) never having any bread - well Mr. Doyle, I can validate that theory well & truly!

I would like to think that you would see our 1/2 acre rambling, neglected jungle of a Hills garden as a wonderful challenge, especially with all the odd levels & bizarre irregular shaped block. Oh, & while you're thinking about it, any thoughts about what to do with the old tennis court at the bottom of the garden that a certain un-named person has converted into a veggie patch! So crass, don't you think! I would love to reclaim it back for lovely afternoons of tennis with the girls.

Anyway dear Mr. Doyle, I want a garden just like the ones you do in Connecticut, the ones you win all the awards for. I await your reply with much anticipation. From your fan Millie.


  1. SURELY he can't refuse such a request, especially after you asked so nicely Millie! - what stunning gardens.

    And I don't agree with the whole philosophy - I may be accountant but you would die with your legs in their air if you saw my finances!! xx

    oh and PS - i thought you promised us some melbourne MOTH birthday celebration pics?... xxx

  2. Your block sounds gorgeous Millie. I can't relate to the water restrictions though. Here in Beaconsfield we have NEVER had any sort of water restriction and are allowed to water whernever we want. Saying that I am very aware that the rest of the land is in dire straights and my poor Mum is always complaining about the Mainland I am very careful.
    Those are fantastic photos BTW.
    Ness xx

  3. Millie, I love your post today - such a great read and wonderful images. What a garden....
    I understand about the water restrictions as my parents in Sydney keep me regularly up to date with all that - pretty challenging if you want to have a 'Mr Doyle like' garden.

  4. Yes Miss K - I hadn't forgotten about MOTH's big b'day celebration photos. I was in charge of the camera, but had such a busy night being the Hostess with the Mostess, I kept forgetting to click!! I'll do a post later in the week with the ones that are suitable for publishing - believe me there are some I wouldn't dare expose you all to!!

  5. Oh Millie - I hear you - I have posted some photos of the wedding I was in on the weekend - eek! Not the most flattering photos but they are me!
    cant wait to see celebration photos xx

  6. What a wonderful garden. Good luck with Mr Doyle ;)

  7. I'm with you Millie, I'd LOVE to have a garden filled with perfect hedging and stunning roses. It depresses me that all we are encouraged to grow in Sydney are succulents :/

    Anna ;)


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