Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spray Farm

Images Spray Farm

Even though MOTH has lived in South Australia for 15 years, & reckons he'd never go back to Victoria now, I think he'd change his mind in a heartbeat if he was able to own Spray Farm. He's always loved that area of rural Victoria, so he'd be in his element. His ultimate dream has always been to own a coastal vineyard with a large oyster farm where the vines meet the sea!

Situated on the Bellarine Pennisula, a 90 minute drive from Melbourne, this stunning historic property sits on 147 acres of coastal land including a 7 hectare vineyard. The grand homestead was built in 1852 & the house was extended in 1875 with a French Gothic style brick stable complex forming a fully enclosed courtyard. The property is owned by the Browne family from nearby Scotchmans Hill Winery (one of our favourite Sav. Blanc's!) & following their purchase in 1994, they added a Paul Bangay-designed formal garden which now surrounds the homestead.

8 fenced paddocks, cattle yards, 3 bedroom managers cottage, cellar and loft, stables & an old stone Cobb & Co coach house complete the estate. With views of the Melbourne skyline in the distance & the blue waters of beautiful Corio Bay at the front door, it could be MOTH's for approx. $8million. I'll get him filling in the Expression of Interest documents immediately!


  1. I'm loving this garden, how divine!

  2. Spectacular!!!! No other words to describe....!!!! luv c xx

  3. Now that's some serious coin!!! Oh what a lifestyle, it's hard to image some lucky people actually get to live this way.

    Anna :)

  4. My goodness, the picture with the road and the trees is always find the most beautiful properties!

  5. We have somewhere like this place near by in the Tamar Valley..St Mathias and Roseveers vineyards. There vines go right down to the Tamar River, old Victorian Homes look over them...stunning. I can see why MOTH would want to move there.
    Ness xx

  6. The setting is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Ok. This place couldn't be any better even if it tried. I'm in love. x

  8. amazing place. those straight lines in the house design outside make me crazy. garden design fits perfectly....


    where are benches in the garden?

  9. What a beautiful place ... and so close to the sea - perfect, Dzintra

  10. Gosh! what a lovely farm?

    Hmmm... love the dining area most.

    ENjoy ur day ahead.

  11. Sooo perfect! .....and a bargain compared to the 14.5 million someone just paid for an off the plan penthouse on the river here in Brisbane. 14.5 million for a unit! I would take your gorgeous place for 8 million in a heart beat! A-M xx


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