Friday, October 10, 2008

The Inn at Perry Cabin

Images Perry Cabin & Bistro St. Michaels

Considering all the financial doom & gloom that's surrounded us this week, I thought I'd help our friends in the U.S. by injecting some virtual dollars into their economy. We'll be enjoying this weekend's cyber escape in their wonderful country! And as I just love this area of the U.S. East Coast, we're heading to Maryland.

The Inn at Perry Cabin is nestled in the quaint village of St. Michaels, an easy 2 hr. drive from D.C. or Philly. Overlooking Chesapeake Bay, this charming colonial Greek revival-style mansion was built just after the War of 1812. In 1980 the house was transformed into a 6 bedroom Inn & Restaurant. Then in 1989, Sir Bernard Ashley co-founder of the Laura Ashley Company purchased the property & embarked on an ambitious 2 year expansion programme, turning the Inn into a 41 room luxury hotel. The Orient-Express Hotel Group took over the ownership in 1999 & have spent a further $17m. to bring the total of rooms to 80.

A new addition is the incredible Linden Spa. We could indulge ourselves in any number of actitivies in the Wellness Centre. How does a Pilates mat class sound, or perhaps a brisk Sunrise Stretch & Stride around St. Michaels village? Maybe a yoga class or even a session with a private Trainer. Then to the Spa for a deep tissue massage, or some Reiki therapy. For a full-body indulgence, why not opt for the Tri-Crystal micro-dermabrasion or Body Firming Mask. Finally, a Botanical Complex Facial, Foot Beauty Ritual Pedicure & Silky Smooth Hand Manicure will see us all done!

We'll be just in time for the Commodore's High Tea. A hand selected assortment of fine loose teas, chef's selection of Sandwiches, the Inn's signature selection scones served with raspberry preserves & Devon cream, assorted tea cakes & tarts & freshly baked cookies await us.

For dinner, we'll wander into town & enjoy the hospitality of Bistro St. Michaels. I fancy the mussels steamed in a spicy wine & garlic broth, then sauteed butterflied shrimp with garlic butter, tarrragon & tomato on cheddar-orzo & spinach, finishing off with warm chocolate cake with hot fudge, creme anglaise & vanilla icecream - what about you! Then back to the Inn for a nightcap in the Pursers Pub bar.

So please join me for a weekend of indulgence & relaxation, calm & elegance at The Inn at Perry Cabin!


  1. Would love to, it's just beautiful ... look forward to coming back

  2. What a magical place.
    Have a great weekend

  3. I sooooo need a holiday! I didn't realise how much until reading this post. Looks like my perfect getaway! Tracey x

  4. I would so love to be there!! What a fabulous place. Have a great weekend! Amanda x

  5. WOW!!! what a feeling having you as our tour guide to the US coast.

    Love every inch of our escapade.

    Dreams must come true...soon!

    Hugs for an enjoyable w/end in OZ.

  6. What a great spot. Sounds like we all need a Holiday!
    Ness xx
    Have a lovely weekend Millie.

  7. That is a true getaway...beautiful and relaxing and luxurious. Lovely!

  8. Thanks Millie. You come for a visit here to SF and I'll go to this resort. How beautiful it is! I have bookmarked it for an actual vacation. Do they allow puppies if they were their formal collar?
    Lisa & Alfie

  9. I love that tiny kitchen/bar bit between the rooms - so cute ... could do with a day spa about now actually!

  10. Gorgeous! I will come too:) Have a great weekend:)

  11. Ooooh take me away today!

    Just Gorgeous!

    Anna :)


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