Friday, October 24, 2008

Heading West

A happy weekend to everybody. I'm flying to Western Australia on Monday morning to work for the week. Haven't driven in Perth before, but have bitten the bullet this time & hired a car. Have 7 clients to see & they are situated all over, so wish me luck, as MOTH says my direction-finding molecule is non-existent. How unkind of him!


  1. Oh me too, my sense of direction is hopeless - but I like to think it makes it more fun that way!?!

    Have fun in the 'wild west' xx

  2. I wish I was down in Perth so we could have a champagne ... alas I am 1000km up the coast! Have a great trip Millie xx

  3. Millie, just remember if the beach/ocean is on your right your are heading south and if i's on your left you are going north. Inland? well good luck!
    I am loving your blog, though reading in a 'reader' seems to feel one step away. But I am here every day keeping up.
    You sure have a great job now - loved the Nurse picture and the farm in Victoria. Have a great trip.
    ps I love going to Hilary's when in Perth, the resturants the sea air its all fab!!

  4. You already got some very useful instructions so from me just - have a safe trip!

  5. You can take me if you want Millie. I am really good with directions!! I haven't been to Perth you think I will fit in your suitcase?
    Have a great time.
    Ness xx

  6. Have a great trip! Enjoy!! Amanda x

  7. This picture makes me want to go 'ahhhh'. Such a relaxing feel to it.
    Good luck with your Perth trip - maybe a car with GPS might be the way to go?

  8. Enjoy your cross road trip. Hope you find your way §:-))

    See yah!

  9. Enjoy the week Millie, I'm sure you will prove the MOTH wrong!!! Have a safe trip, Dzintra

  10. Lovely outdoor dining space! ENJOY your trip!


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