Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Munchies

Panic stations behind the hedge this weekend! Too many cosy winter nights by the fire & a slow-healing sprained ankle has meant there has been too little pounding of the pavements (or in my case, the unpaved hilly lanes & valley tracks of Stirling!). This has resulted in an awful realization, I'd better do something very quickly to send a few extra unwanted kilos packing! So the only munchie fix I'll be able to indulge in for the next few weeks is a virtual one! So off I go ...........

.....firstly to Richart where Apricot/Lime ganache squares & Almond Praline await.

Then Chocolate-Dipped Mint Sandwich Cookies at Dean & Deluca

Mmmmm, Coco-luxe's Angel Food & Banana Split Truffles look so yummy!

Sadaharuaoki Grenobles will be perfect with a latte.

Karen from Gingerbread Folk in the Blue Mountains makes the most wonderful cookies!

These chocolate mud cakes from Gateau are too good to pass by.

With flavours such as Orange Blossom, Dark Chocolate & Mango Jasmine, Laduree's Macaroons are the gold standard - resistance is impossible!

I love marshmallows & Recchiuti's look divine.

Just for something a little different I just love these Red Eye Skulls from Hope & Greenwood.

Burnt Caramel Almonds from Recchiuti look almost too good to take out of their stylish packaging, but I'll try!

Recchiuti's Key Lime Apples dipped in chocolate are sort of healthy aren't they?

I've been known to walk over broken glass for Rocky Road & this Snowy version from Whisk & Pin is no exception.

I definitely couldn't stop at just one of these scrumptious Candied Orange Peel morsels from Recchiuti.

Moist coconut sponge, compote of exotic fruits, raspberries, light vanilla cream filling all make up this exquisite Baiser (kiss) from the venerable Laduree's.

Luxuriously rich, chocolate artisanal Brownies from Maris are a wonderful two-bite indulgence!

Whoppie Pies from Dean & Deluca are little morsels of delight.

A sidestep into Fortnum & Mason for a fix of Lemon & Strawberry Bon Bons goes without saying.

Lifting the lid on this spectacular box of Gray & Smoked Salt Caramels from Fran's Chocolates is such a treat!

Time for another latte & these Citrus Shortbreads from Harry and David would be the perfect accompaniment.

How good do these Truffle Fudge Bars from John Kelly look!

Time for a licorice hit & this very generous sampler tin from Dean & Deluca will do just perfectly thank you!

Raspberry Rugelach from Ruthy's is an institution & to confirm that statement I'll have to try 2!

So after that relaxing stroll through cyber munchie heaven, I'm done! And I didn't add one calorie to my daily count!!


  1. You are a wicked woman. I always keep a jar of nutella for times like these. I don't feel guilt because it does have protein in it. Hee hee. Heidi

  2. Everything looks so delicious especially the marshmallows and all the chocolate. YUUUUUMMMMMM!

  3. Oh Millie - I hear you!!! Except I've been at the gym six times a week, off the beloved wine for a month and eating healthy and I lost NOTHING!!! My poor trainer was quite baffled and I was quite peeved! Needless to say, despite my efforts I am going to be a serious teletubby in this wedding on the weekend. humf. So, I better not ponder over these delicious beauties for too long because knowing my luck even cyber sweets end up as extra kg's for me!
    But if I had to choose - the chocolate dipped mint sandwich would be my weapon of choice!! xx

  4. Seeing that many delectable treats all listed like that almost makes me crave an apple. Almost! Actually, I remember touring the Cadbury chocolate factory in Tassie and coming out wanting nothing more than a fresh salad. I can be very strong just looking at them on the screen... if they were here in front of me my pathetic will power would be tested, especially those orange delights.

  5. Yuuum! I am feeling the same way Millie. I too had better get some jelly wobbling away...posting those Macaroons is not a good thing though.
    Ness xx

  6. YOU are sooooo BAD... showing all these goodies... you make me want to be BAD too. ;) YUMMIES!


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