Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fabulous Folly

Images Chesapeake Life Magazine

The owners of this stunning new home lost everything - their house & all their possessions when Hurricane Katrina hit their Gulf Coast town in 2005. They decided to relocate further up the East Coast & build on a block overlooking Chesapeake Bay.

The design is a 'simple' cottage with clean lines & a high-pitched gable roof, & the front of the house is almost entirely glass. Its crowning feature is a three-level folly - a glass tower accessed by a bridge from the master suite & the second and third stories of the folly connect to each other via a handcrafted ship’s ladder. A fabulous idea, but I think my ladder clamouring days might just about be over! However, I think MOTH would be in his nautical element here & would be escaping to the highest level at any opportunity! I also love the triple-hung windows idea (as shown in the 2nd photo). They are set into the folly’s walls & can be opened to take advantage of evening breezes.

In the brief to their architect, the owners asked for a simple house with lots of air & light passing through the space. I think this has been achieved in the most fantastic way!


  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS. that is gorgeous. But if that is their 'simple', I'd like to see their "extravagant". Love the houses you find Millie x

  2. This is gorgeous, an incredible mix of traditional style and the best of modern; I love it!

  3. Oh I LOVE IT!!!! It's so different but has all those elements that I just love.... including the beautiful windows! You are a hunter Millie! Well done! A-M xx

  4. Love everything I see in this home design.
    BTW, TY heaps of the nice words & the advices. Don't forget to pick up your award in my Saturday's post.


  5. That is a fantastic home. If only we could all have places like this tucked away somewhere.
    Ness xx

  6. What a gorgeous home! And I can't get over all those windows- so pretty! Daisy~


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