Monday, October 20, 2008

Room to move.

All that space!

Close-up of the window area

I have kitchens on my mind this morning, as for most of the weekend I've been without hot water in both the laundry & kitchen. The existing hot water heater that services those 2 rooms had been coughing & spluttering for the past month & finally took its last breath on Friday night. Not an issue most of you would say, just replace it Millie, but in this case its a real pain & the timing is woeful!

We had planned to replace it when we do the total gut & renovation of that area in the next 3 months, but it has obviously had the last laugh! Our overworked kettle has been boiling constantly to supply us with all our hot water. The old HWS was in a cupboard in the laundry, which was quite silly really, as it meant a huge loss of space in that room. That room will not exist shortly, so the new tank will have to go outside, but as MOTH had planned to rejig that whole area, he was out there scratching his head quite a bit yesterday, wondering just where it can go. So we'll probably have to buy the new HWS now, relocate it temporarily, plumb it in to the existing kitchen & then replumb it to all the new kitchen fittings early next year - grrrrrrrr!

I chose this kitchen today for one reason only - its huge amount of space!! Normally I adhere to the old Less is More theory, but on this occasion, that's going out the window! I reckon you could do complex Neurosurgery on that central bench without any trouble at all - that bank of lights are amazing! And while I'm on the subject of lighting, dear A-M over at The House That A-M Built has an on-going saga about the gorgeous lights she's coveting for her new kitchen, it makes for fun reading!


  1. I'm sorry about your hot water heater woes. :-(

  2. I'm so sorry about your hot water heater woes. That stinks! I love the inspiration kitchen, though.

  3. Sorry to hear of your HWS troubles but you have exceptional taste in kitchens - I just saved them for my personal kitchen file. Now I'm dreaming up which walls I can knock down to make it be so! Hubby won't be happy. Tracey x

  4. Oh no!! I feel your pain Millie & I love these kitchens. I was in the same situation early in the year. I now have all new plumbing along with the new kitchen & bathroom much sooner than planned...the memory has just started to fade & the bank account is starting to recover!! Amanda x

  5. That is a fantastic Kitchen. It is never good to be with out water, hot or cold.
    I agree about poor A-M. Someone needs to fly to the states so she can get the lights she wants.
    Ness xx

  6. So sorry to hear about your hot water delima. What a rotten weekend you have had. I wanted to tell you about Tankless hot water. We have it and love it. Only the water you use gets heated instantly by 4 elements when you turn on the hot. You never run out and the system is 1'X 2' and mounts on you wall. Again, we love ours. Saves space and energy and never runs out of hot water. I found this AU site that supplies them, hope you have a better week. Heidi

  7. We don't need to do anything about a water heater, but I WANT to... I hate the location of my BIG water heater and would like to switch it to a SMALL tankless water heater.

    Good Luck with your kitchen... I hope you will share your NEW kitchen! I remodeled my kitchen 4 years ago... along with my whole house actually... the kitchen is my FAVORITE room! but I don't want to cook in

  8. Oh those gorgeous lights!.. they were the first thing I noticed! No hot water! Oh I would just die! You are a trooper Millie, boiling that little kettle. A-M xx

  9. Thanks everyone for the great advice. Seems like the theme is definitely the Tankless HWS, txs Heidi & Fifi. Sounds fantastic, so will do some research tonight.

    MOTH got some quotes today for the Heat Bank system which the plumber recommended & is in shock!!


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