Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Terrace Time

If MOTH absolutely forced me to move back to Victoria with him (see last week's Spray Farm post) then there's only one suburb in Melbourne for me & that's the wonderful East Melbourne.

Something like this beauty in gorgeous Powlett St. complete with yes, you guessed it, another Paul Bangay garden! However, I have a feeling the lovely Ewa from Ewa's garden will leave a comment about the lack of garden seating - & of course, she's quite right!

However, even with Spray Farm on the weekends & this beauty during the week & 3 of our boys now Melbournites - I'd still have to be anaesthetized for the move & this is absolutely no reflection on my Melbourne friends but I'm just an Adelaide 'Hillsbilly' now through & through!


  1. This too too lovely.... I would have to give up my US citizenship for this.... if Obama doesn't win .... the thought of moving has crossed my mind.
    Anyway... you mentioned my photo safari -- I would love to do several in Australia... if I could round up the people it would be help pay for the trip..

  2. I love this formal type of garden. It suits Melbourne perfectly! And the terrace house - just great! So European .

  3. That's an amazing place. Love it!

  4. The last picture is my fav. I need to get some letters like that for my wall...... I wouldn't live the Hills if I lived there either! xx

  5. A lovely spacious terrace. You do find the most beautiful pictures. I loved living in Melbourne, so if you don't think it even begins to compare with the Adelaide hills I really must book a trip to see what all of the fuss is about!!!

  6. I love that terrace in the 2nd photo.
    I wouldn't mind living there either.
    Happy Halloween!

  7. Really lovely terrace - very very Melbourne. It would almost make up for the weather! :) :) :)

  8. I'd be happy to just have this type of beauty to drive by, let alone LIVE there, lol! Gorgeous as always!

    Thanks so much for the sweet posting on my blog, my blog friend!

  9. Oh I do love ALL these images! I love Melbourne also and I'm busting to go back for a visit. Like you, I don't know that I could leave my beloved Sydney harbour to live there though.

    Anna :)


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
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