Thursday, October 2, 2008

Perfect Passementerie

Caviare Earrings-London Blue Topaz
Faceted london blue topaz briolettes topped with cascading clusters of solid sterling silver 'caviar'.

Savannah Necklace
Solid 18k yellow gold chain with creamy green chryoprase briolettes & faceted silver-blue sapphire. In the centre of the necklace is a pendant of solid 18k gold set with a faceted 8 carat chrysopase surrounded by 24 rose cut diamonds. Finished with a solid 18k gold clasp.

Burch Earrings
Faceted briolettes of highest quality rutilated champagne quartz accented by tendrils of solid 18k gold & creamy white keshi & seed pearls. Finished with ornate solid 18k gold posts with a single bezel set champagne diamond.

No. 1
Hand-fabricated chain of solid 18k gold, white keshi & seed pearls, champagne diamonds & stunning white South Sea pearls with rose & gold overtones. The focal point of the necklace is a turn-of-the-century (c.1900) solid 15k gold English locket pendant set with white seed pearls. The locket is double-sided & the original mementos are still in place.

Atlantique Earrings
Over 100 faceted swiss blue topaz briolettes, hand-wrapped with sterling silver & accented by faceted Oregon sunstone & white keshi pearl blossoms on sterling silver pins, all cascading down from small sterling silver circles.

Caviarre Earings
Cascading clusters of solid sterling silver "caviar" hung from solid sterling silver french wires.

Marcheline Necklace
A double chain of solid 18k gold, polished London blue topaz & slightly baroque silver-gray Tahitian pearls with asymmetrically placed clusters of silver keshi pearls & sapphire, featuring a flawless faceted briolette of london blue topaz (129.5 karats), topped by cascading tendrils of solid 18k gold, silver keshi pearls & sapphire in shades of blue, purple & green.

Oceane Earrings
Large, slightly baroque South Sea pearls topped with a cluster of champagne diamonds on solid 18k pins. Finished with solid 18k gold ear wires featuring granulation & a single bezel set champagne diamond.

Couronne Earrings
Faceted coins of sparkling prasiolite (green amethyst) set with a single VSH clarity diamond, accented by a crown of solid 18k gold & sapphire in shades of blue, purple & pale green. Finished with solid 18k gold french wires.

Sati Earrings
Solid 18k gold chandeliers set with a single rose cut diamond in an 18k gold bezel settings & cascades of multi-colour sapphire, watermelon tourmaline slices & over 100 carats of polished champagne quartz all linked with solid 18k gold.

Solange Earrings
Large faceted briolettes of swiss blue topaz (22 carats each) accented with a single baroque silver-gray Tahitian pearl, topped with a cluster of solid sterling silver, london blue topaz, silver-gray keshi pearls, mystic topaz & free-form faceted slices of labradorite.

Images Passamenterie

I am totally smitten with this collection of artisan jewelry from Passementerie. Courtney Lane is a young designer based in Savannah, Georgia who's work has a unique style. Combining precious gemstones, Tahitian & South Sea pearls, stunning bead work, solid sterling silver, 18-24 carat gold & platinum Courtney derives her inspiration from art, architecture, history & fashion.

If I was forced to choose just one piece, I think the London Topaz Earrings may just get over the line, but then again I love the gorgeous Caviare earrings or the Marcheline Necklace - decisions, decisions!! Which is your favourite?


  1. Well, it is certainly gorgeous...all of it! However, I would never ever have an event even remotely close to being important or fancy enough to wear these for, so I would never strive to own them! Still, so fun to look!

  2. The Sati earrings I think - difficult though to choose.

  3. yes Millie thats a tough choice. I'd wear them around the house after all thats where I want to be at my very best. one set for each day haha dream on....
    Jane of

  4. These,Caviare Earrings-London Blue Topaz,are definately my favorite. As soon as I saw them I was in love.

  5. Caviare Blue Topaz earrings definitely. What a gorgeous collection. Thanks for the headsup.
    Lisa & Alfie

  6. They would make a great wedding gift...or a Brides treat for her Bridesmaids. I love the Caviarre earrings - beautiful.
    Ness xx

  7. Ok - we seriously better check our family trees because we MUST be related. My favourites are the same...... DELICIOUSLY STUNNING!!! xxx

  8. Perfect is right! I adore Passementerie!

  9. Tanya... I wear my Passementerie earrings with an embroidered hoodie and T shirt and jeans... and they look smashing!

  10. um, i am in love. pure love.

    the blue topaz are totally my faves too though. i wish i could have them all!


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