Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adieu For Now

Just like my beloved Larry, Curly & Moe, I'm a bit all over the place at the moment, so will say my goodbyes until the end of next week. I'm off to Melbourne on Sunday morning for our annual Sales & Kick-Off Meeting & as usual, have left the preparation of all my financial & scientific presentations to the very last minute. So I'm in deep do-do big time. It looks like another huge Meeting, although I always want these things to be over with before they've begun. But I'm looking forward to seeing all my lovely interstate work colleagues for a really good late-night goss & whinge session in the Hotel bar!

We also have Son #5's birthday to celebrate on Saturday. Our baby will be 27 & if you missed his birthday pics from last year, do take a look here, they're ever so cute. I'm hoping to see the Melbourne sons for a quick Mother/Sons bonding session prior to the work meetings commencing on Sunday night. I hope if they are reading this post, they have remembered & are rescheduling their hectic social diaries. I am preparing an Agenda boys, so be prepared to answer your Mother's probing questions in a full & frank manner! MOTH's counting the seconds until I go, he's been surreptitiously digging for the date for months. When I finally confirmed them, he really struggled to hide his excitement, the high leap in the air & loud whoop of joy were a slight giveaway! See you all when I return, I promise to write a suitably 'interesting' report.

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  1. Hi Millie,

    I am going to miss calling in and reading your posts everyday. Life does get very hectic, I couldn't agree more. Enjoy your time in Melbourne, be safe and will look forward to seeing you back here soon.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  2. have fun with the sons, millie! and safe travels. pam

  3. Son #5 was and is a cutie. A mother never tires of pictures of her children. They are a way of looking back to recall all that was wonderful about being a Mom/Mum.

    Will catch up with you when you return home, in the mean time make the most of your time in Melbourne.

  4. Hi Millie,

    Have a wonderful time away in Melbourne, with your Sons and your busy work schedule.
    I hope that you will be able to get in a little shopping, maybe buy the new wardrobe for the footy game.

    Take care and have a safe trip

  5. Have fun in Melbourne Millie.. catching up with boys and work colleagues.. and yes I think some shopping should be on the agenda.... kick start the winter wardrobe.. where else but Melbourne... have fun xx Julie

  6. Enjoy Millie! Sounds like you will be one busy lady! Shopping report essential as well as status on boys
    and especially what MOTH was up to while you were away.. More Reno projects???
    All the best Millie

  7. From previous posts you always seem to have a great time when you are there, even if the preparation of reports etc is a huge hassle. Hope all those Melbourne sons are suitable pleased to see their Mother!
    Clare x

  8. i remember that post on your son.
    *happy birthday to him
    *and to you.

    you did all the work.

  9. Millie, what will we do without you, lol. Or Moth. He is going to be breaking out all the bad behavior only to realize its no fun without you! Have a productive trip and see ya when you get back.
    Lisa & Alfie

  10. Godspeed. Will miss you. Happy Birthday to the handsome bloke. Heidi

  11. Good Luck Millie! Hope you have a good week! Looking forward to my next visit when you're back again!


  12. MOTH is making me nervous - I'm getting the feeling not much progress is going to be made in the BFH! Enjoy your week. Leigh

  13. Hi Ms. Millie,

    You will be missed. And let's keep the contest a secret as far as dear MOTH is concerned. But I would be thrilled if you decide YOU want to join in and dabble... I think in the future I will be opening the floor to serious dabblers.

  14. Have fun in Melbourne with the sons!!!Enjoy your time!!!!
    Big hugs

  15. I need to take Mum lessons from you so I can be sure to receive upright and frank answers from my children!
    Have a wonderful time kicking up your heels in Melbourne (after the hard work is done). I'm sure MOTH was only trying to make you feel comfortable about leaving him alone with his fat free meals...

  16. MOTH has back to back footy games ready to watch? No, surely upon your return the BFH will be complete. This is the only reason for his excitement I'm sure. Have a great week Millie. xx

  17. sounds like you work well under pressure!

  18. i hate goodbyes, even will be missed for sure, but have a great time and sure come back with more stories and pictures. thanks so much for stopping by and do take care...maryann

  19. I know what you mean about your brain jumping around in different directions - sums me up pretty well at the moment too! Have a safe trip :)

  20. Millie - at a time like this & your behind on your preps, all's I can say is 'Gods speed'. Before you know it you be having that goss & a whinge (not sure what that is but I'm in!)and a hoot & a holler in that hotel bar!

    Happy Birthday #27 to your dear son. He's a handsome lad. I have a single daughter if he likes women shy of 3 years older? You are a very blessed mother. Enjoy seeing your brood and I can only imagine how happy they will be to see you too? Maybe MOTH will be guest blogging while your away?!!

    All the success and best wishes to you Millie xxoo deb

  21. I would be your wife-sister in a heart beat if it meant that we could share that Sexy slice of man cake. Have a great trip. Heidi

  22. We will miss you, have a fabulous time.

    Leeann x

  23. Hope your trip is going well Millie and that you get to catch up with your sons :)

    Loved the new footie outfit, tres chic....I imagine MOTH will be spending this week-end at the shops getting all those items ready for your return ;)

    Glad to hear that the BFH is progressing....the finished article is going to be one heck of a much anticipated post!!

    Finally, thanks for your nice comments about Leanne and my post etc....I am very fond of my Aussie girls as you know, couldn't just stand by and do nothing :)

    Take care! xo

  24. remember to breathe... and have fun! will miss you... xoxo

  25. Oh love the sound of the whinging session in the Hotel bar, some great times there!!

    MOTH could at least hide his excitment gee.... and hope the boys make time for the fess up time with mother :)

  26. Have a fab time Millie! You will be missed... No MOTH posts to pass the time?? hehe


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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