Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Over The Weekend MOTH.....

  • dug up a whole lot of his famous Pink Eye spuds from their pots & presented them to the food police Chef for consideration.

  • set the complicated fall levels on the new bathroom floor, mixed what seemed like 500 barrows of concrete, carted them all inside across the living room floor (gulp!) & then sweating buckets, painstakingly laid the screed.

  • finally picked up the cantilevered vanity bar from here. The Caesar stone top is standing behind. (I've known the Cabinetmakers since they were 5 mths. old & snuggled together in their twin stroller. I gave them some vague design instructions & they really have delivered the goods - I love it!! If you're in Adelaide & need kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets done, these boys are the real deal.)
  • fitted the new bathroom window into the big hole in the wall & was very glad that he listened to Miss Millie & chose the clear glass bricks over those yucky wavy ones he wanted!

  • and finally at the end of it all, sat here at his local with Millie catching up with friends, enjoying a well-earned drink & some great live music.


  1. The Perfect Easter. Cannot wait to see that bathroom finished. Cabinets do look high quality to me. A good cabinet maker is a treasure to hold onto forever. xoxo

  2. What a busy MOTH ~ Isn't it wonderful when they are handy! Can't wait to see the finished bathroom!


  3. I like very much those long drawers. Tell Moth to get a wriggle on - we need to see the finished bathroom for inspiration.

  4. you go, moth! moth, you were not alone in your work endeavors this weekend. while everyone was out hunting for easter eggs, hubby was hard at work here moving walls and doors. no rest for you handy men!

    beautiful cabinet. can't wait for the final reveal. pam

  5. So pleased MOTH put in some hours on the BFH. Very deserving of a pint or 2 at the local. A-M xx

  6. Hi Miss Millie,

    So glad you had a wonderful, productive Easter. We had a fantastic Easter also. I'm going to show my husband the picture of the spuds when he comes home from work tonight as he loves pink eye potatoes and raves how a lot of them now don't really have the pink eye. I know he will be impressed with MOTH's efforts. Thanks for sharing what you've been up to over the Easter break. It all looks great Millie, please show pictures when it is done. It was also very refreshing to hear that you love your bathroom vanity and no nasty hiccups along the way. Will call in again tomorrow.
    Take care

  7. Don't you feel better with all that done? Good work! Love getting things done! Rachaelxx

  8. Hi Millie,

    What a busy weekend, dear friend and happy to see that much progress has been made on the new bathroom.
    Love the cabinet and the new glass window. How exciting for you!

    Happy week

  9. Mills, done enough call rates, role plays and cycle meetings to do me for a lifetime! But hey who says dealing with moron traddies is any easier (MOTH excluded of course...there's a lot of love in that BFH, I can tell)... I'm talking about those who don't care. Sometimes I could easily trade in my traddies for days of 6-8 calls with those with brain matter (I'm sure call rates have gone up over the years... although I had the lovely Gastroenterologists and Endocrinologists who were good for a chat... it has been 12 years since for me). A-M xx

  10. Phew...ee! Jobs well done by the look of that lot. A trip to the local no doubt well deserved.

  11. A great weekend's work, and the window looks super. MOTH should be syndicated.

  12. Looks fab Millie - yay for the clear window! Looks like a fab place to recount his exploits at the end too...

  13. Oh great job guys, love the look of the cabinets. That is so sweet you knew the makers from babies!

    I'm going to get to that watering hole one day....love the look of it.


  14. Sounds like you guys had a grand old time! Love that pub! had a quiet ale or two there myself. :)


  15. MOTH rocks! It'll be a happy day in blogland when that BFH is finished. We'll hold a parade in his honour, complete with bunting and streamers - he can have his very own float with dancing girls and a throne while Justine from MasterChef hand-feeds him. And for you, dear Millie? The bathroom of your dreams and a glass of champers? Meredy xo.

  16. ha, what a local!!! good luck with the renos, we just finished building in Melb, so we know the frustrations of it... and I love that side bar of your country lane in each season - it's fabulous! how creative!

  17. O.M.G. LOVE the vanity. Can't wait to see the whole bath.

  18. Gorgeous spuds! Can't wait to see the finished bathroom!

  19. That definitely sounds like a weekend well spent. MOTH has definitely outdone himself! Will you expect the same work output next weekend Millie (now that you've got him on a roll)?? Lee :)

  20. I'm glad to see you got some rest and relax at the local after all that hard work! x


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