Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Footy Fever

MOTH & I are overjoyed that the 2010 Aussie Rules Footy Season has begun. Another reason for a good old barney!! Looking at my Game Day wardrobe, it's obvious that it needs refreshing. MOTH said yesterday he'd be happy to buy me a couple of new things, as he always wants me look nice as we slug it out in the Member's. So here's what I'd like to present him with.

I do like to be warm, so this Burberry Funnel Neck Check Wool Coat will be fine. AU$1497.
Tucked underneath I'll throw on this Belinda Robertson black cashmere sweater. AU$487.

A comfy pair of 7forallmankind bootleg jeans are a must. AU$225.

I do love a boot with a high heel. These Jimmy Choo's will be perfect. AU$2033.

And they are just as scrumptious from the back!

A Be&D Garbo studded satchel for MOTH to throw all his Footy paraphenalia into. AU$2006.

And last but by no means least, the piece de resistance, a 100% acrylic Port Power scarf. AU$3.

All up I make that approx. AU$6,251. Not a problem, a bargain I reckon to look nice for the old boy.


  1. Millie, an absolutely gorgeous outfit for the footy, bar the PortPower scarf of course (I have to say that as my other half is an avid Collingwood supporter). I think you'd be hard pressed getting MOTH to part with his hard earned cash though (or maybe you're incredibly persuasive!). Lee ;)

  2. And why the heck not!
    My initiation to Aussie rules was when we were first married living on Kangaroo Island. We'd all park our cars around the edge of the oval and watch from the comfort of our vehicle. Then when someone scored we'd all toot our horns. I'd toot extra long and loud if it was hubby doing the scoring:o) Sure made a change from the rugby union I had been brought up on.
    Enjoy your shopping adventure.

  3. Oh Millie, you will look devine! What a wonderful footy outfit and as a selling point you can inform MOTH that you are saving him money with this outfit as it could do both coffee with the girls and then straight to the footy, no need to change and no need for two outfits! xx

  4. I can't see a problem at all with your outfit Millie, and I'm sure MOTH won't either. After all, it's important to look ones best at all times. Just bribe him with his favourite beer and I'm sure he'll come to the party! K xx

  5. Just gorgeous Millie (except for the scarf colours, need to have the Melbourne version of the magpies) - Looking forward to hearing MOTH's response!!!

  6. Ha ha, not quite what I wear...LOVE the footy, I too am ECSTATIC that it's back! Now let me just taint your dear blog a little.......GO SAINTS!!!! Rxx

  7. Wow what an outfit, just perfect for watching the footy!! I adore the shoes! xx I would comment on the scart but in my house we barrack for 3 different teams, so I cant judge! lol

  8. What incredibly beautiful blog you have! My compliments!

    A footprint from Agneta & Sweden

  9. Hi Millie... I would choose the exact same outfit for the footy I reckon! (posh members) Love love love it.
    (again, except the scarf.. of course I'm an Eagles girl over here).
    Those Jimmy Choos are heaven on a heel mate!! And MOTH did say he was 'happy' to get you a 'few' new things.. I didn't hear any restriction there, so go for it!!
    Flick :)

  10. I love that purse! And the shoes! He'd be a fool not to purchase the whole lot for you.

  11. Gosh, now that you have stolen my outfit for the US football games I will have to go shopping again.

    (There is not enough beer to get my hubby to pop for that outfit. I will have to let Moth buy this one.)

  12. Millie, I hope you've got a large bottle of smelling salts on hand - I've gotta feeling you're going to need it for poor old MOTH! Leigh

  13. As Brisbane Lions supporters (sorry about last week!!) we sit near all the WAGS, who are lovely, but turn up in what i call TIC (Totally Inappropriate Clothing) in the middle of winter at the games (?to impress their men? to impress eachother??) They're wearing sleeveless tops (!!) and the like in single digit temps!. There i am with a singlet/long sleeve top/jumper/jacket/beanie/scarf looking like the michelin man! They could all use a few of these jackets, methinks! lovely!

  14. Hi Millie,

    Am dragging my feet here leaving a comment but I am with R from a Room for Everyone and will taint your blog further with GO HAWKS!!!LOL!!!! Am loving everything about your very smart outfit Mills, and those Jimmy Choos - gorgeous. Hope you're having a great day.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  15. millie,
    you can shop for me anytime.
    i love all of it.



  16. I like a girl who knows what she wants! Footie or not what a collection.


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