Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I visited my very, very favourite client yesterday & as always it was a joyous experience. 20 years ago, when I made the leap from nursing into a sales role, Dr. J & his colleague & partner Dr. N were my first & most important clients. While I adore Dr. N, it is with Dr. J that my heart really lies, for one reason, & one reason only, he is the most charismatic person I've ever met. Now before I go any further I should do a quick description of The Charismatic One (TCO). He is mid-60's, 5'4" (on a good day) & almost totally bald. Not exactly George or Gerard or Jude. But Dr. J has more charisma is his little finger than all the current pack of male Hollywood movie stars put together.

MOTH is well aware of my feelings, in fact he knows Dr. J well, through inter-Club rowing comps. & they like each other a lot. When I've been to see Dr. J in the Lab., I drift home, my feet not touching the ground & with a wistful, far-away look on my face. This generally lasts for 3-4 days by which time MOTH is sick & tired of it all & so breaks the magic with a loud 'You've been to see Dr. J, haven't you!!!' 'Yes,' I sigh, & then sigh again, gazing out the window & remembering with much fondness my most recent visit with TCO. And then MOTH's standard retort comes loud & clear. 'Geez Millie, I honestly don't know what you see in him!' Well, bloody hell MOTH you wouldn't, 'cos you can't even begin to understand that wonderfully elusive thing called charisma.

I've often thought about what Dr. J has & why I'm totally besotted by him. It's certainly not a physical attraction, I like to think that our relationship & mutual admiration transcend the base desires. In fact, if Dr. J had ever made a pass at me I would have run a zillion miles an hour in the opposite direction. He does something though that no other man has ever done to me - when I speak to him, he gives me his total & absolute attention. I feel like I'm the only person in the world to him at that point & it's awesome. He leans in toward me when I'm speaking, yet doesn't invade my personal space. He looks directly into my eyes, yet I don't feel threatened. He's just got IT.

Interestingly I was at lunch with half a dozen of my competitors a few years ago (we're a friendly mob here in Adelaide) & the subject of Dr. J came up. Much to my amazement, the table went silent & all the girls did exactly the same as me....big sighs & wistful looks took over. Wow I thought, it just isn't me who's beguiled by Dr. J's charisma, it's all of us!!!

I'll be so interested to hear how you define charisma & if you'd care to share your experiences with A Charismatic One please go right ahead, I reckon it may make for some very interesting reading!

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  1. I had a friend from Ireland that did the very same thing for me! He just had it - the ability to make me feel like I was the only one in the room, no matter how crowded it was, and that anything I might choose to share with him was vitally important to him. Added to that his inherent Irish charm and he was deadly charismatic. I have since lost touch with him, but remember very fondly his oodles of charisma.


  2. Um! definitely not a modern virus! I think I've probably only come across it about twice in my lifetime, oops 3 times counting DH on a good day! The one I remember most, I never actually met. I was mesmerised by his voice...I was a telephone operator at the time. he just had this way of making you feel that you had made his day just by talking to him. Glad I didnt meet him really as it might have ruined the spell!

  3. Oh, I have a friend that does this to me and all my girlfriends. Our husbands just can't understand what it is but mention his name and we all get that dreamy look in our eyes and a gigantic smile. I have one right now just thinking about him.

  4. I have just seen a "Mauri Warrior". He is strong, elequent, interactive and 80! My colleague also saw him and rushed in after her visit... big sighs.... "What is it about him" we wonder and decide it is his presence, his gentleness and his attention. He is still quite something and we agreed our day was richer for having met him....

  5. MY Todd does that for me. I know he is my husband. Is that allowed?? xxoo

  6. Yes- I know of what you speak...there is just so little of it out there. Could Dr. J. bottle it???

  7. I wonder what kind of practice he has. People must be lining up for years in advance to get an appointment with him. What a wonderful trait to have in a doctor. Someone who actually listens to what you are telling them.

  8. it sounds like 'tranference.'
    or....bill clinton.

    i had the same thing happen to me with the worlds most unattractive dr.

    let me just say...if a man can make me laugh (hard and often),
    and makes me feel as though i am being 'HEARD,' AND the only one in the room - all the time.....
    it doesn't matter what he looks like.
    i will fall.

    xxx luv

  9. I love Renee's, Bill Clinton comment....a perfect example of charisma. xv

  10. I think you've summed it up pretty well, actually. The way they make you feel special and when you're in their presence, whether they're talking to you or not, you get to bask in their glow!


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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