Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dream On

Dream job - Travel & Lifestyle Writer for Conde Nast Publications. Dream retreat - this renovated farmhouse on the Dalmatian coast where I could happily rest between assignments & file my stories from. Reality - neither, it's back to work today..... get a grip Miss Millie & quickly!


  1. All beautiful images Millie... but I would like to visit...or live in that top first home. There is something about the light from within the house at dusk-the water view... just beautiful.

  2. Looks like we'll be getting a grip together then eh ;-)

  3. i love the stone, lotsa' stone and this place has it.
    the contrast with the contemporary is stunning.

    xxx what a get away...

  4. It's decided, my next house will either be stone or rammed earth. I am done with paint and rott and termites. This is sheer perfection. Crazy in love with it. Thank you Millie, I needed that. Love, Heidi

  5. What an awful way to make a living! K xx

  6. Dream Millie Dream,
    Never stop dreaming,

    When I was young, I dreamt of working at Vogue magazine and my dream came true.

    xx Coty

  7. Book me in...I could pen a few tales there....xv

  8. ahhhh soooo beautiful. Calgon . . . take me away . . .

  9. well if you become travel and lifestyle editor and get to stay at this stunning place, I guess I will just have to be the cleaner and go there everyday, quickly do my chores then sit and admire the view. whatever gets me there as quickly as possible !!! see you there.

  10. It does not hurt to dream as sometimes dreams do come true....

    Leeann x

  11. That retreat is heavenly Millie! All that stonework... I would never leave. Keep dreaming mate, it's what keeps us all sane, and smiling!
    Flick :)

  12. i think i just died and went to heaven... when do we leave? xx

  13. Ummmm...Can I come be your editor...?

    Absolutely lovely!

    Smiles and thanks for your kind words about my art.

    (ya never know...someday you may end up doing something like this in a place just like that!)

  14. Just keep on dreaming, you never know!

  15. I hope that your dreams come true Millie ~ I could see you here writing all day. Love all the wonderful stones.

    Happy Wednesday.

  16. Hi....first time leaving a coment, I think, but love your post, what a great little huse!

    Thinking you might enjoy this vacation home as well... Check it out if you have time!

    Northern Light

  17. Wouah ! this is a gorgeous house ! I LOVE it ! Have a nice resting week-end !


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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