Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Greetings

Gosh I'll be glad when 5p.m. rolls around tonight, it's been a huge week. We put the 09/10 FY to bed late & today's the start of a whole new FY & heart-stoppingly high new sales targets! Looking at the neglected state of the house behind The Hedge, I'll be busy cleaning & tidying until next Easter. We're entertaining the boys, their girlfriends & the gorgeous Miss Tazzie on Sunday, which will be lovely. But most of all I'll need to be 'supervising' a certain MOTH, as he reckons the tiling in the Bathroom From Hell will be complete by the time Monday night rolls around - it better be!! I've had 2 weeks of being the food police in an attempt to get MOTH's cholesterol down below toxic levels. 'Creative' cooking has reigned supreme, & as a result I noticed yesterday that while he still looks the same, I've dropped a dress size, which was not really the aim of the exercise! Poor darling actually sobbed last night when an ad for his favourite icecream came on the telly during the Footy Show, it was pitiful. Have a wonderfully relaxing & fabulous Easter Long Weekend.

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  1. I have the same thing going with my sweetie - his cholesterol is sky high and blood pressure too. Talk about a challenge for someone that is not so creative in the kitchen, but I am learning! Isn't the start of a new fiscal year heaven? I'm in financials too and I love it when the year is all nicely sewn up and I can start fresh.

    Have a great Easter!

  2. Poor MOTH! I think if he gets the tiling in the bathroom from hell completed then he might be allowed a few treats. Even a wee ice cream for being a good boy.
    We handled stocktake etc yesterday too Millie. It is soooo fun! (not)

  3. Happy Easter, Millie. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Have a lovely Easter. And remember to nurture yourself too. So often the caretaker is left without the support they need. Of course, on a lighter note, losing weight when you are not trying rocks!

  5. Have a great Easter, Millie. Poor MOTH - make sure he eats only one Red Tulip Elegant Rabbit. Two would do some damage.xx

  6. You'll have to share your cooking ideas, as I too have a lovely 55 year old who, no matter what I try, can't seem to get his "toxic" levels down! Love your blog. Elizabeth

  7. Oh, MOTH, at least he can enjoy the footy. That's where I'll be this weekend..Have a fantastic Easter Millie..Rachaelxx

  8. Hi Millie,

    Oh yeah.... you will soon be able to kick off your shoes and relax and enjoy the long weekend.
    My husband is the same has high blood pressure and I get him to come walking with me in the morning.

    Have a very happy Easter and a wonderful time with the family.

  9. Poor MOTH, but I wish I had your problem. I would be very happy to drop a dress size ;) Have a greta weekend with your family and good luck with the tiling! xx

  10. Hi Millie
    My other half is on the reno trail this weekend. I'm not much help with only 1 eye Can't even do lunch well. Have a wonderful easter Millie and of course Moth We expect tiling pictures Tuesday
    Kind Regards

  11. Hi Millie,

    Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Easter. Enjoy time with your family! Poor MOTH, there is nothing worse than sitting and watching t.v. and an ad comes on for ice-cream, chips, chocolate.....I'm sure he was silently calculating how long it would take to drive to the shops and back without missing too much of the footy show!!!!
    Take care.
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  12. Poor Moth! Hope all goes well with the project so he can have a reward when he's done. Right?
    Lisa & Alfie

  13. Happy, happy, happy Easter to you too Millie! XO Trina

  14. Hope the tiling goes ahead as planned - something to look forward to! dont do to much cleaning over Easter, thats not fair!! have a good break.

  15. Happy Easter Millie
    Wishing you, Moth and all the boys a fabulous easter.. xx Julie

  16. Don't they say exercise is good for controlling cholesterol? Maybe a solid workout in the reno department would help, I'm sure I read that in a medical journal recently. Have a wonderful Easter, maybe he could earn some goodies depending on work output? K xx

  17. Happy Easter Millie, MOTH & Co! In between family appointments we will be painting doors and windows...almost as exciting as tiling! Tracey xx

  18. I'm sending you lots of energy vibes from Sydney, Millie. Sounds like as busy as your weekend will be, it'll be a flurry of fun activity with your precious boys. Poor MOTH, perhaps you can buy him the boxed set of MasterChef, featuring his beloved Justine, as a reward for completing the bathroom? He may not be able to eat the food, but surely watching his Justine prepare it would be almost as good?

    Hope at some stage of the weekend you get to rest your busy bones and perhaps a chocolate bunny or six. Happy Easter to you and your lovely ones. Meredy xo.

  19. Happy Easter!! Have a great weekend!

  20. millie, perhaps you should share your diet changes... after a week of visiting relatives and eating beyond my limits (i generally eat for two even though i'm NOT pregnant), i'm sure i gained a dress size!

    happy weekend and enjoy your time with family! can't wait to see the tile! pam

  21. Well done to you miss Millie! and poor MOTH. He will have to get used to sorbet instead!! I have plenty of recepies if you want some =0)
    Have a wonderful Easter...No chocolate for you MOTH =0P
    Ness xx

  22. Millie...I know your Easter weekend will be fabulous with your wonderful family. xo, Rosemary (and Webster)

  23. Happy cholesterol-free Easter Millie....Have a wonderfully relaxing time and do enjoy a few forbidden chocolates if you can, xv.

  24. Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend Millie. It certainly sounds like you have the makings of a great one!

  25. Good luck with the bathroom! Gee, maybe I should start some creative cooking, I could do with losing a dress size! Hope the bunny brings you a little treat :)

  26. Dear Mill's,
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter weekend.
    Have fun. XXXX

  27. G-Day MOTH!

    How 'ya 'goin Mate!

    Got your lovely note regarding advice as to how to handle the "cheese-n-kisses" for anniversary #21.

    Mate, the truth is Mate, we celebrated 35 years last evening...Fell in love with the girl way back in high-school...Have only been married to her for the last twenty-one...

    Anyway Mate...good-on-'ya for the note once again...Good luck with the whole steel-bracelet-thing...And remember Mate...Nothing says I-love-you like the touch-and-feel of cold-hard-steel!

    Hoo Roo!

    Lisa Porter's MR.

    Note to The Mr. - Traditional Anniversary Gift: China Modern Anniversary Gift: Platinum. Forget the Traditional, go Modern brother, you'll win more points. It's our 15th next week, Millie has been a real pain with the renos. this Long Weekend. I've just told her that ours is celebrated with Steel & I'm planning on a Polonium bracelet(I've told her it's a derivative of silver) & she's excited, but not as much as me! Your mate MOTH.

  28. Poor MOTH. The pressure of ice cream commercials and the tiling project date. I hope that you all have a splendid Easter. It sounds like great company and fun times ahead. Glorious Easter to you all Millie xx

  29. Happy Easter my dear - breath and relax........... :)


  30. Gosh Millie-I don't know how a couple of your posts got away from me. I sure hope you are enjoying a wonderful Easter and that MOTH is being ever so careful with the goodies. Our day is just about to begin...well mine anyway~ I must get started with some cooking now.

  31. Isnt the Easter break just the best time for projects. Four long days and some extra family around. Sounds like our kind of break.

  32. Happy Easter, Millie. Loving your blog. Really like the egg wreath, it's beautiful. x


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