Monday, April 12, 2010

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I'm happy to report that the Bathroom-From-Hell is steadily progressing, although MOTH had a minor set-back over the weekend as he wasn't totally happy with the fall level in the double shower alcove, so ripped up a couple of centimetres of the newly-laid concrete floor & is in the process of redoing it. He performed that highly technical manoeuvre The Bucket of Water Test & found that there was minor pooling just outside of the shower screen area. So thought it better to be safe than sorry & decided to redo it.

I'd ripped the pic below out of an Country Style mag years ago, dug it out recently & gave it to MOTH to use as a guide for the mirror over the vanity bar. I thought it looked good inset in a surround & he said it wouldn't prove difficult. However over the weekend I had an minor epiphany while drooling over the real estate images of a newly renovated house in Adelaide. Considering the BFH is only the size of a small broom cupboard, I've scrapped my first idea & asked MOTH to do a floor-to-ceiling mirror instead. I'm hoping this is going to create an illusion of more space (ie. the old smoke & mirrors trick!). Is that old decorating tenet of using mirrors to reflect more area still relevant. Any thoughts?

Image 1: Klemich Real Estate Image 2: Country Style


  1. I think floor to ceiling (or is that the other way around) is a great idea. Can check everything from lippie to shoelaces that way! I also have a broom cupboard bathroom but without windows..perhaps your solution plus extra good lighting might be just the thing...although a touch disturbing when just emerging from the shower perhaps!!

  2. Millie,
    chuckling here on my comfy sofa at your "bathroom from hell". haha :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.

    Happy Sunday and I wish you a beautiful week.

  3. Hi Millie,

    Great to hear the progress of the bathroom and yes, I think that large mirrors really do make a room look much bigger.
    Look forward to seeing the big reveal.

    Happy week

  4. Oh yes, floor to ceiling is the way to go.... modern and funky too. Yay MOTH, you are barrelling (double L?) along.... keep goin' mate. Millie, photos of the journey pretty, pretty please. Remember some of us love the rough shots! Beautiful verse yesterday... you are the best. A-M xx

  5. I just love the sound of the cupboard-like bathroom. I have been keeping a clip from a magazine, (albeit french), for just such an occasion too. It is a bathroom that looks like a cupboard and it is on the stair landing.
    I think that bathrooms are only from hell until you delete everything existing. The blank canvas effect is enticing, dont you think?

  6. Hi Millie, it's good to hear that you have progress on the BFH. I think the floor to ceiling mirror would help to make the room look bigger and it's also very useful! xx

  7. I am not a fan of lots of mirrors in bathrooms!! Although I love them in other rooms they just freak me out in bathrooms.

    I can't bear looking at myself top to toe - I agree that lighting is key....very very very very dim lighting maybe.

    Having said all that, the top bathroom is divine, with the whole wall taken up with a mirror.

    Oh what do I know, I obviously swing with the wind!

  8. I love the idea of a full length mirror Millie, it's the thought of cleaning it that puts me off. At 5ft 2in this would require at least a small step ladder, and some knee braces for the squats.

  9. I love that pic you 'ripped' out! I am pretty sure the rule about mirrors adding a spacious affect still applies... anyway, a whole wall of mirrors looks so good anyway!!

  10. Hi Millie, Good to see that boy is not sitting around loafing. We had floor to ceiling mirrors in our apartment in Hong Kong and whilst it was great to check yourself before stepping out on the town, it was not that great when you were about to jump in the shower. It was opposite the toilet too so that was horrid. Fortunately it was the guest bathroom so didn't really worry me, but we did get some interesting comments! Still it went with the blue toilet, bath and sink! And you think you've got a BFH!!!!

    I love the top bathroom too with the mirror from the vanity to the ceiling.

    Jennifer XX

  11. Floor to ceiling mirrors are great and I also think wallpapering small bathrooms are fab too. You could combine the two ...?

  12. Hi Millie, I think the popularity of a full length mirror is not for the faint hearted. Big bravo to Moth for being brave enough to correct that slope on the shower floor, we once got one wrong and regretted it (every morning) for years!

  13. I love smoke and mirrors Millie - but sometimes I wish to avoid seeing myself looming unavoidably in detail in the mirror. I love the top bathroom!

  14. I think having a full floor to ceiling mirror will look spectacular... and would be a great incentive to refuse that extra piece of cake!!! Sounds like MOTH is doing a wodnerfully thorough job. I can't wait to see the final before and after.
    Clare x

  15. Oooo, Mill's,
    This is most promising news. Things are looking up on the bathroom front !! Look's as if we might be seeing some finished photographs of the BFH soon.
    I love the images that you have shown and, if you go with something along those lines, I don't think that you will be disappointed. It is still a good idea in a small bathroom, to give the feeling of space..... I guess, as many have said before me, it depends on whether you like looking at yourself in the buff, so to speak !!
    Glad to see that it's all systems go, Mill's. XXXX

  16. I love how we both quoted the wicked witch on Snow White.(Hee Hee)Also, one can never have too many mirrors. Sorry for always talking about myself, but in my bathroom I had a huge hole in the sheetrock from my toddler at the time ripped the toliet paper holder out of the wall. So, like any clever woman would do, I made it the focal point and hung a huge sheet of mirror to cover the hole and most of the wall. So now not only can you see yourself head to toe while you are dress you can also ses yourself head to toe on the toliet. Have a great day. Heidi

  17. Millie, I like the full mirror idea (with all pluses and minuses) it will look spectacular.

    My bathroom is very similar (same!) to the first image and I am happy with it.

  18. Floor to ceiling mirror in a bathroom..never ever ever would I want to see everything all at once. You are a very secure woman. MB

  19. Hi Millie, I love the idea of full length mirrors, but don't do what the original owners of our place did - we had mirrors on opposite walls, even behind the shower! Can't tell you how much I hated seeing the full monty every day, it's bad enough in change rooms let alone in the shower.
    Tell MOTH well done, and I'm with A-M, would love to see some progress shots please. K xx

  20. mirrors look good again. I like them.

  21. Thank you! Now I know what my vanity inspiration for our ensuite will be :)

    Love it!

    B is building a house


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