Friday, April 23, 2010

Magic Mushies

Thank you to everyone who left such beautiful messages of congratulations after yesterday's post. It made my win extra special being able to share it with you all. It was remiss of me not to mention that work on the BFH actually occurred in large chunks while I was gone, so MOTH's back in the good books. He was jumping up & down at the Airport, busting to tell me & everyone in earshot that the second pour of concrete screed in the double shower alcove was a winner & passed the Bucket of Water test with flying colours!!

Having been trapped inside most of the week, I enjoyed a quiet & much-needed wander in the garden last evening. The weather has been playing funny tricks on us here in the Hills, with warm days & cool, rainy nights. During my roaming I found these interesting mushrooms. Not really something I should probably include in MOTH's Low-Fat dinner food tonight, although he really loves mushies!!!!! Happy weekend to you all my cherished blog friends.


  1. Good morning Millie,

    You must be still up there on Cloud 9 ~ how amazing for you, the best things happen to the best people.

    Glad to hear the bathroom passed the bucket of water test.

    Wishing you the happiest weekend

  2. will either kill yourselves with these mushrooms or have the best night of your lives! Stick with the vino perhaps...Enjoy your work triumph and have a happy weekend, xv.

  3. Interesting is right. Also poisonous. But you know that right. So no special mushroom omelette MOTH unless you want a visit from the police later on. xoxo

  4. Hi Millie,

    I have just caught up with the last couple of posts, so I am dragging my feet wishing you my best wishes and congratulations for your awards. Well done Millie, you must be stoked!! Todays post, glad to hear the bathroom is coming along well MOTH sounds like he has done a fantastic job of getting things right. You both won't know yourselves when it comes time to use it and I know that won't be long. Enjoy your weekend, both of you......I have seen mushrooms like that in our garden, they have surfaced the last couple of years, think I need to take a stroll and see what I can find.
    Take care

  5. What a great nature post for our Earth Day. You have fungus in your back yard and I have it growing in a ring on my face. I also happen to love every picture of you, MOTH and your Sons. At least now I will be able to recognize you at the airport when I come for a visit. Happy weekend. Love, Heidi

  6. Beautiful but deadly Mill's, but they are pretty. I hope that none of them find their way into MOTH's omlette !! I guess he could always be put under a third pour of concrete !!... Just kidding MOTH, just kidding. We know that you are the love of Mill's life.
    Have a celebratory weekend Mill's and MOTH. XXXX

  7. Hey, I like thse mushrooms! :)

  8. Millie,

    We have tons of mushrooms on our farm, but none that look anything like these! Pretty, Pretty.


  9. Having only now caught up on your Award Winning post all I can say is WOW! I tried to imagine sitting there and hearing your name called out 3 times...still just can't quite imagine how it must have felt for you. How on earth do you "come down" after that? A walk in the garden sounds like a good start:o)
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !

  10. Polka dot toadstools, my absolute favourite thing (amongst many!).

  11. I was going to leave a comment along the lines of Jackie's ;-) No need now. Yipee for the bucket of water test!! hehehehe.

  12. Nature is very sneaky isn't she making the prettiest things so dangerous...but they do look super and your pictures are great!

  13. A big congratulations - have a fantastic trip. Iowa?

    I hope the bathroom is soon lovingly completed for your enjoyment.

    Have a relaxing weekend and enjoy the feelings of being rewarded for all your great work.

  14. I never learned the good from the bad and beautiful to deadly so I just look and move on. LOL

  15. I remember seeing some of these fairy mushrooms in the Blue MOuntains a couple of years ago - my children were thrilled and kept looking for the fairies that must be hiding nearby!


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