Monday, April 26, 2010

Sock It To Me

Thanks to Sharon at My French Country Home for a recent tag. I need to go to the 1st folder in My Pictures, select the 10th photo & discuss it. Crossing all my finger & toes & hoping it would be something half pie decent, my hopes were dashed when I saw the title of the folder - Christmas Day 2008. And yep, it was the worst pic in the folder!! The kids started a Chrissie tradition years ago, buying MOTH the worst pair of socks they could find & putting them in his Santa Stocking. Then the deal was he had to wear them all day.

Every year I request that the boys & MOTH dress up for the occasion, & every year it falls on deaf ears. A clean T-shirt is about as much as they can manage. And looking at this pic again, MOTH couldn't even manage a pair of long trousers on the day, a pair of cargo shorts & sports shoes were de rigeur. So here in all its embarrassing form is the photo, with Son #5 pointing to MOTH's offending hairy legs, complete with scratches & war wounds - sorry to those who's gentle souls have been offended by the sight!


  1. Oh too funny Millie, bet you were hoping for something glam....and you got MOTH's hairy legs...oh well it's character building :) don't you just hate it when people say that...

  2. .... and this is why you are one of most favourite-est blogs! A-M xx

  3. That is the MOST funny tradition! LOL!

  4. Is it wrong of me to say I'm sooo glad it was a daggy photo!! Love it and the story that goes with it. No-one ever dresses up for Christmas at my place either!

  5. Nice calves MOTH! A classic 10th photo.

  6. hahaha. I love that idea. So, will we start seeing photos at each Christmas holiday of those socks?! :) Hee

    Happy Sunday!

  7. Oh Millie,

    These are the traditions that make Christmas memorable, or so we tell ourselves. What does MOTH do with the socks that he is given from other years? Do they ever see the light of day again??? From yesterday's moving post, can I ask you Millie what happened to Johnnie's wife?? Hope you are having a great start to the week.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast, Tassie

  8. Hi Millie,

    You have me laughing, dear friend.
    What a sweet photo of Moth's hairy legs and the stripy socks.
    If your Christmas's are as hot as ours I can really not blame him for wearing the shorts.

    Have a wonderful week

  9. I love it Millie! The photo jazzes up my blog roll photos :)
    Mr.H has been wearing socks like this for years, we regularly look for the wildest socks going. In fact, I think he has this pair too:)

  10. I KNEW it was a good idea to tag you on this one. Moth's extremities have got my week off to a kick start!

  11. Well, Mill's,
    MOTH looks like an Englishman abroad !! Not the most stylish look, but it really gives all of us a good laugh !
    Brilliant family tradition which has probably been one of the highlights of your Christmas Day activities !! I think that you should stsrt a new tradition of who can wax their legs the quickest !!
    I've been tagged to do this again. Last time I did it, it was a photograph of my hygrangea. I'm hoping that mine wont be too embarrasing. XXXX

  12. Classic pic Millie! And I would expect nothing less than sartorial elegance from your MOTH. Our Christmas tradition is the kids always have icecream for breakfast - strangely that's one of their favourite parts of the day!
    K xx

  13. Yep! You always put a smile on my face Millie. MOTH is a good sport and I love the sock tradition.

  14. I LOVE IT! Too funny and what a great Christmas tradition! Laughter is absolutely the best ingredient in a happy family. I grew up with a lot of laughter and joking around in our family and it really makes everything a lot more fun!
    And by the way, MOTH's scratched up legs look like my husband's arms - he always seems to get into things that make him bleed. ; )



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