Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Big Raspberry

Image Country Style (Caroline Zoob) my work Lap-Top! Just when I needed you to perform at your best, you decided to go belly-up first thing yesterday. Don't worry that it's the end of the month & I need you desperately, so that I can extract data & financials to write all my reports, I've got a zillion Quotes that need to get out to clients before next Monday & the only way I can access my email is via crappy Webmail on the back end of our global Server. Oh & then there's the small issue of all my appointments being on my Outlook Diary. So back you've gone to the IT experts in Sydney, wrapped in bubble wrap with my stuff trapped inside you! So let's not muck around here, instead of one big raspberry, here's a whole damn bowl of them just for you!


  1. Eee-gads Millie! That's just what I don't like about the whole technology thing. We become so dependent on it. The last time that happened here- I called the tech guru and said..."Isn't there some button you can just push"?
    I'm sure he thought I just wanted to access my email...well!!!

  2. EEk, Millie! You'd think they'd figure out an instant way to fix those silly problems! I'm a die hard pencil and paper sort, because I would absolutely melt down in a situation that you just described!
    I hope they sort it out soon for you!! ... I must say those raspberries look scrumptious. I can't help it! Yum =)
    xo Isa

  3. I have had some issues with computers and they always happen at month end. Kills me.

    But, I gotta say that I LOVE that bowl. : )

  4. Oh no Millie,
    So sorry for what has happened and I hope that you get it back soon and it will be, ship-shape and Bristol fashion!


  5. That is very polite of you Millie considering your inconvenience. I could have imagined a rather different title and image for this post! xv

  6. Oh Millie, that damn laptop deserves a truckload of raspberries! Let's hope that IT can work (very quick) miracles & have your laptop back to you soon.
    Lee :)


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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