Monday, May 4, 2009

Three Little Words

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How I wish they were George Clooney Rang - unfortunately they're not. In actual fact the three I have to write strike fear into the very core of my being - ANNUAL SALES MEETING! No exotic off-shore locations for us this year, just a week in Sydney at a venue best described as 'interesting'! In my 19 years doing this job, I've attended about 80 of these meetings in some form or another here & overseas & that's 79 too many! Nothing ever changes, except a few different faces & the expense account limits, which apparently this year will restrict us to a glass of tap water & half a packet of Crisps each night at the Hotel Bar.

Our M.D. reckons he always knows how well (or not!) the Meeting is going by checking out the look on Miss Millie's face during his presentations, always a good barometer Mr. C! The lowlight (oops, highlight) will of course be the Awards Dinner. And this year they've again added that other 3 word nightmare to the evening - Team Building Activities! Last year's similar event was an unmitigated disaster & set inter-divisional Company harmony back about 20 years. We all still haven't recovered from being lost on the Qld. island while on a mindless Treasure Hunt contrived by HR that went horribly pear-shaped in torrential wind & rain - now there's a whole post on its own! So it's heartening to see that HR want to try & better that record by having another go this year!

So think of me this week, as I gaze longingly out the windows onto the gorgeous shimmering waters of Sydney Harbour & check my watch a zillion times a day. And it looks like I'll be taking MOTH's cold with me on my travels, as I've woken up very hot & bothered, with the coughs & splutters - please let it all be over soon!


  1. Millie
    Here is a little something to cheer you up!
    Come on over to The Lisa Porter Collection & pick up your good cheer award!
    Pass it on to those who have the same great attitude & gratitude that you do. You always make me smile!
    Feel better soon.

  2. Hi Millie,

    Oh I do wish it could have been the first three little words!

    Good luck with getting through the Annual Sales Meeting and the team building activities.
    Sorry you have Moths cold and I hope that you are feeling better.
    The water and crisps might need to be a medicinal brandy to help you out.


  3. oh do i know about mtgs... and sorry you are under the weather... feel better and just remember, it will all be over soon. chin up...

  4. Oh Miss Millie, both hubby and I chuckled at this post of yours. We met at Roches's Annual Sales Meeting on the 29th January, 1995.
    It was my first day with the company and hubby came towards me, extending his hand, as I walked through the doors at the Canberra Park Royal, saying" Hi I'm Luke, welcome to Roche". His siser picked him up from the airport after that conference and he pointed me out to her, "saying, see that girl over there, I'm going to marry her". The rest is history. Despite many boring 'Annual Sales Meetings for years after that date... the words 'Annual Sales Meeting' still invoke 'warm and fuzzies' for me.... as I met my love at one. We even visited the Roche factory in Basel, Switzerland, when we backpacked through Europe together... NOW THAT'S PATHETIC!!!!! Have a happy week.. and as long as there are no 'role plays', I reckon it will be a good week!!!! A-M xx

  5. Millie you manage to make even the most tedious of events sound hilarious! I hope it is all over quickly for you.

  6. Reading your post has made me realise how truly wonderful it is to no longer have to attend these terrible "events" nor organise them! Hope it's not too awful and your week passes quickly!


  7. I was hoping that you wouldn't get his cold. Take care, I will be thinking of you. Heidi

  8. Millie,
    Yhanks for stopping by. I now have a cold too. travel and sickness seem to go hand in hand. I hope all goes well at your meeting and it will be over before you know it. You deserve a special treat for enduring it so keep your mind on what you want it to be and that should help the time to fly. best to you.

  9. Hope everything goes well with MOTH soon.

    Love your words, my dear Millie... always makes me giggles. Though, this time, I have hard to do, as my wound still aching, like HELL!!!

    hugs to YOU...

  10. Hang in there!
    BTW... did you email moi your address for your winning prize? If you did I missed placed it... could you re-send... merci!

  11. Oh Millie~ I hope it all goes by quickly for you. Hopefully you return to a beautiful weekend full of glad tidings. Be sure to have a sip of something special at the end of each day. Sending healing thoughts.

  12. Hi least you'll be able to gaze at the beautiful Harbour...wishing you all the best for this week and I hope it is not too tedious for you. Hope MOTH has something cheerful to drink for you when you get back. Sorry to hear about your cold...and bad timing too isn't it for this week. I'm with MOTH about supporting the industry...especially with this horrid flu around. Thank You for calling by...Dzintra ♥x

  13. You little vixen!! Feel better and do a killer job at the mtg..
    happy Mothers Day, darling!!
    coastal nest

  14. That sign is so adorable ... true or not:)

    Good Luck with your meetings ...

  15. Hope you got through your week okay and didn't lapse into a boredom coma. At least it's been a beautiful week, weather-wise, in Sydney. Have a great weekend.


  16. Millie...I am so sorry to hear that you woke up with moth's cold. How awful. Maybe DayQuil will get you through those meetings. Feel better soon. I've always heard that with medication a cold lasts 14 days...and if you do nothing it lasts 2 weeks.

    Does that cheer you up just a little? ♥Rosemary


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