Monday, May 18, 2009

Boathouse Beauties

Ever since I posted on a boathouse in France designed by Jerome Darblay, I've become a little obsessed! I love this mix of the traditional & then a couple of very modern takes on the theme, which augers well for the future of these fabulous buildings.

Some boathouses are simple single storey buildings, the main aim is for storing the family boat & not much else. Then there's boat ports, which are designed to be open on the sides, but covered to protect the boats from the elements. Other boathouses are older and more elaborate & often have boats that have been carefully restored to almost match the period of the house. Then there are the flash jobs, which have several slips side-by-side to hold all sorts of water craft such as jet skis, canoes, speed boats, single sculls etc. While still remaining very practical, often boathouses have been given a real make-over, with brilliant living areas upstairs, complete with all the designer options in furniture & appliances. But whatever the genre I just love them all, their inherent design speaks to me very clearly - this is Millie & MOTH's sort of getaway place!


  1. Ahoy matie~I love that first and third...oh heck I love them all.
    There are several boathouses on the lakes around here and I think they would be the most wonderful places to spend a busy, fun-filled summer. Minus the water spiders!!!

  2. Wow! How fun would it be to live on (in?) one of these?

  3. So good to look at on the outside...I'm quite sure they look even lovelier on the inside...Do feature some lovely interiors of boathouses.

  4. So gorgeous - the last one is the favourite with the drive in double garages for the boats! Fabulous! Tracey xx

  5. I never thought of having a boathouse before. But, I might change my mind anytime soon.

    Great pics. TFS.

  6. Another house to dream of!

    Ahh... wanna be there now.

    Hugs for a wonderful week ahead.

  7. It was all sounding so good till someone mentioned water spiders! Well maybe I would just need to take a brave strong guy to protect me! The pics are great... nice relaxing holiday when summer returns!

  8. Now that would be different. I'm not much of a water person, but I'd love to tour the interiors. Very cool!

  9. Something to whet the appetite til Summer comes back...beautiful.
    Ness xx

  10. i just love boathouses... something about them is so exotic yet cozy at the same time.

    i thoroughly enjoy your blog :)


  11. I could move into the first one for a little holiday.
    What a lovely break away that would be.


  12. How did you get a photo of my "boathouse"? And didnt even stop by for a cocktail?
    Love the last one the best...
    -awesome photos..


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