Monday, May 11, 2009

A Fortunate Life

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My very big week in Sydney is over & I'm happy to be home again. I really struggled with what turned into a very heavy cold, but have managed to survive another annual Sales Meeting. As expected it was a very intense, but also a very happy week. It was such a treat to share the company of my colleagues - working remotely from Head Office has its great advantages, but I miss the regular camaraderie of my workmates.

Even though my Division is the smallest in the Company, we are the tightest, mainly due to the nature of our work. There is no room for egos here, we need to collaborate or die! I looked around the room on Friday & thought how lucky I am to be part of them. They are just gorgeous human beings - warm, respectful, generous, giving & so clever it hurts! How fortunate I am to work (& play) with them. And the icing on the cake was that we scooped the pool at the Awards night - woo-hoo! Now back to the real world & a huge catch-up week at work, ouch.

Sons 4 & 5 spoilt me yesterday with a fantastic Mother's Day brunch here. Arriving with 3 dozen freshly-shucked oysters on ice, yummy home-made ham & cheese croissants & a bottle of my very favourite bubbly, they proceeded to set a surprisingly elegant table with flowers & my best china. A great time was had by all & then my day was made complete when they cleared the table & did the dishes - be still my beating heart!

I have really missed you all & as I'm not working today, I'm looking forward to spending a couple of hours calling in & seeing what's been happening in your lives.


  1. Sounds like a very successful week. I smiled to read that MOTH's deadly swine flu had turned into merely a bad cold by the time it reached you!!!
    Glad you got spoilt on Mother's Day. I had breakfast in bed which the kids managed to make themselves. While pretending to be asleep I could hear comments coming from the kitchen like "Look, you've burnt the bacon again...oh well, just turn it over and Mum won't know." and "are you sure you got all the egg shells out?" Gotta love them!
    Clare x

  2. i always love your posts... so real and sweet. glad you had such a nice week and mothers day... i would have been slurping the oysters down with you! yum!

  3. Millie, congratulations on scooping the pool at the awards! Also glad to hear you had a such a wonderful mothers day. There's nothing like spending time with the family to rejuvenate yourself. Those croissants sounded yummy! Have a great week. Lee :)

  4. Hi Millie,

    Well done for scooping the pool at the awards - that is a feather in your cap!

    Mother's day sounded lovely with your boys making your day special
    and even doing the dishes.

    Have a great week

  5. Millie, sorry to hear you've not bee well but at least you survived the conference. Congratulations on your awards. Have missed your entertaining posts - glad you're back in the land of blog. Leigh

  6. Glad to hear that your Mother's day was filled with love from your boys! Especially having them do the dishes...fabulous!

  7. Hi Millie - thanks for visiting my blog. Seems like you had a successful week in Sydney apart from the flu/cold. As a sydney-sider myself I have to say you missed the best of the weather which was today... it was glorious... just like spring. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Congrats to your award.

    Great week you had in Sydney, although a bit stressy. But it's good to be away from workmates every now & then for a more healthy knowledge, isn't it?

    Well, if you ask me? Or else, it can be stagnant routine, too. You're blessed to have that opportunity. Keep enjoying.

    CHeers for the great week to come.

  9. Good to hear your boys spoiled you on mothers day! We did the family brunch thing too - always a great Mothers day tradition! Enjoy the rest of your week! Tracey xx

  10. The "so clever it hurts part" and "the clean up" bit that really got me.

  11. WOW... your MOther's DAy sounds AMAZING and yummy!!!! I'm soooo happy for you... you derserved it after all the work you have been doing.
    ENJOY your week!

  12. glad to hear the week went well for you Millie - and that you were spoilt rotten mother's day - as you should be!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day, Millie.
    Still don't know how you do it!
    Three is definitely my limit.
    Actually, 2 was probably my limit, but I tend to push the envelope in every part of my life!

    Have a great day.



And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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